Adults Should Also Invest In Playtime, Experts Say

People on Swimming Pool Playing Ball
People on Swimming Pool Playing Ball (Photo: Luis Quintero)

Playing is a crucial part of every child's life. More than having fun, it is considered as a very important factor in their development. Experts say playing reconstruct their emotional, physical, and social growth, which is very important as they grow.

To every child, playing can do several things. An online page Lifespan enumerated ways on how this activity can help mold children to become a better version of who they are. These include stimulating their creativity, helping them respond in different situations as they play with their friends, helping them to become a leader, and pushing their little bodies to be more active and healthy.

Aside from the benefits, it could give to kids, did you know playing can also be beneficial to adults? Experts say playing with your pets, or your closest friends can bring forth a lot of positive things. Help Guide shares different ways on why adults can benefit from it.


More than the enjoyment, playing can help the body produce and release endorphins, which is one of the chemicals that can make the body feels good. Given this reason, the person who spends at least 30 minutes a day in playing can already have enough endorphins to battle depression, anxiety or extreme loneliness. Furthermore, experts say this chemical can also combat and relieve pain, good for people who are suffering from emotional, physical and psychological discomfort.


Just like children, playing can also help adults stimulate their minds to make them more creative and productive. With its relaxing ability, the brain can rest from stress, which opens more opportunities for greater ideas and renewal of the mind. This helps the mind become more focused and be able to dig in some amazing and clever ideas, which could greatly help in finishing tasks.


Playing with your friends and families don't just create a happy ambiance and a healthy mind, but it also makes healthier relationships. By playing, trust, compassion, intimacy, and empathy towards other people are also created, which tend to strengthen the relationship's bond. Moreover, playing with more people gives you more opportunities to meet more friends and befriend new people more.

With all these, experts advise adults to take at least time to rest and make the most out of every second. You can either play your favorite board game, shoot some balls while playing basketball with your friends, or whatever. No matter how you do it, it will be worth it.

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