Dim Lights Could Help Improve Work Outs and Exercises, Is This True?

Women Doing their Workouts
Women Doing their Workouts (Photo: Bruce Mars/ Pexels)

More and more people are now longing for a healthy body. One of the ways they do in order to reach that goal is through their daily exercise and workouts. Unfortunately, it is never easy to burn those extra fats and calories. That is why, no matter how much they try, most people tend to quit in the long run.

But did you know there is this new fad some people claim could help boost their exercise routine? As a matter of fact, this craze is now making more people embrace and love their workouts even more.

"The dark signifies that you are doing something special", said Ms. Ramcharan, a 43-year-old lawyer from Manhattan and also one of the people who enjoy working out on the relatively new but dark environment. According to her, doing her workouts on a dim light improves how she look at herself in the mirror. This happiness motivates her to go back and workout more, as reported by South China Morning Post.

As of the writing, there are already several studios and gyms that already implemented the trend that aimed to give their customers a new and amazing workout experience. These businesses include Barry's Bootcamp, SoulCycle, and Orangetheory Fitness. Studios and gyms such as Liftonic and New York Sports Clubs are also planning to follow the fad and cover their light-filled place with darker lighting.

How can this kind of ambiance change people's mindset towards workouts and exercise and push them to make the most out of their routine? The sophisticated lighting systems with mood-changing colors doesn't just beautify the surroundings. It actually improves everyone's performance, thus maximize the effects that it can give to the body. "It creates a new emotional intensity", said Michelle Ryan, the chief marketing officer of Town Sports and owner of the New York Sports Clubs.

A darker room also helps people focus more on their workouts as compared to its counterpart. As you focus more on what you do, you tend to see other people less. This could lessen intimidation and boost your self-confidence too.

Meanwhile, there is still not enough scientific evidence that could support the idea that working out in dim light could improve one's workout lifestyle, according to The New York Times. As a matter of fact, Dawn Lorring, the clinical rehabilitation manager for Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health, recalled a study conducted in 2012, which showed how bright light can increase productivity. "Dim light seems to negatively impact the level at which people push themselves," added Lorring. 

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