Seungri Scandal: He Reportedly Met Frequently With The Chief Of Police Superintendent Yoon

Seungri, a member of South Korean K-pop band Big Bang, is being investigated for an earlier case of procuring prostitution
Seungri is being investigated for a second case of procuring prostitution, after being earlier charged recently with the same. (Photo: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji)

It appears Seungri met frequently with the Chief of Police.

According to a report by SBS '8 News' on the 15th, Mr. Yoon, dubbed the "chief of police" in the katalks involving Seungri, Jung Joon Young and CEO Yoo In Seo reportedly met with Seungri and Mr. Yoo several times for dinner outings.

During investigation, police found at least 6 dinner outings paid by Superintendent Yoon using his corporate credit card. There were 6 dining spots noted in the statements and call logs reviewed and 4 of them have been confirmed to be dinner outings with the former Big Bang member, Seungri. The other 2 were dinner outings with CEO of Yuri Holdings, Mr. Yoo In Seok. Superintendent Yoon claims he paid in cash the other 2 times. 

In response to the findings the police said, "The amount paid by CEO Yoo is larger than the amounts paid by superintendent Yoon so we will examine whether he violated the Kim Young Ran law [refers to bribery]."

In addition, regarding the alleged sexual favors for foreign investors, the police said they're tracking down the accounts as they believe the travel expenses paid by Seungri for the women who attended the event could've been for sexual favors.

Police Plan To Request An Arrest Warrant For Seungri, Sufficient Evidence Obtained 

Meanwhile, Seungri is currently being investigated for several cases including sexual assault from his club Burning Sun that was reported in January, tax evasion involving the club and several other establishments, police collusion, drug and prostitution allegations, overseas gambling, embezzlement, breach of trust, as well as the circulation of illegally filmed hidden camera videos in the group chat rooms.

This article is originally published on Daily Naver.

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