'Osmosis' Season 2: Producer Expresses Interest To Create New Season

One of the show's producers already expressed interest to do "Osmosis" Season 2.
One of the show's producers already expressed interest to do "Osmosis" Season 2. (Photo: lionellingelsernews/Facebook)

After Netflix dropped a different kind story of Paul (Hugo Becker) and Esther (Agathe Bonitzer), fans are now waiting for Osmosis Season 2. The streaming service has yet to renew the show for a second season, but viewers have high expectations that it will return.

Netflix is now featuring original French series. Osmosis is the brainchild of Audrey Fouché, who is behind the success of The Returned, which also streamed on the platform. As the screenwriter seems to be a regular, it will be no surprise if she creates Osmosis Season 2.

Osmosis is being compared to Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 4's, titled "Hang the DJ," theme for featuring a dating app that mining users' brain data. Decider gave it a positive review and told people it should be streamed rather than being skipped. Although its concept seemed unoriginal, it was still "watchable, well-acted, and skirting the fringe of intriguing philosophical subtext."

It had been only over two weeks since Netflix dropped the eight-episode first season. But, as the streaming service takes a few months before it renews shows, it may take a little while before it announces the coming of Osmosis Season 2.

French outlet Programme Television reported one of the show's producers already expressed interest to do Osmosis Season 2. Lead star Bonitzer also teased "everything is possible" about the new season.

They also said that the only way to have Osmosis Season 2 is to watch the series and spread the word. "Everything will, of course, depend on the reception that will receive this series, a little cold and hieratic, by users of the platform," they added.

Netflix dropped Osmosis Season 1 on March 29. Aside from the science fiction series, the streaming service also has a lot of French web shows like VersaillesMarseilleThe Forest, and The Chalet, per The Cinemaholic. All of it has interesting plotlines, good actors and performances, great cinematography, sets, and seamless direction.

Osmosis is no different from these shows. With its interesting storyline, it quickly catches the viewers' curiosity and attention. So, fans are now patiently waiting for Netflix to renew the show and order a new set of Osmosis Season 2 episodes.

Although the show was originally made in French, the positive reviews it received spoke for its success. If Netflix happens to renew the show, Osmosis Season 2 can be expected to be seen on the small screens in 2020.

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