People who usually climb Adam's Peak are pilgrims from different faiths.
People who usually climb Adam's Peak are pilgrims from different faiths. (Photo: Charith Gunarathna/Flickr)

If you want to find a spot where you can be spiritually transformed, Adam's Peak, the holy mountain in Sri Lanka, is the best place for you. The Sri Lankan mountain will not only give you the satisfaction of being on the top of the summit but also boost your spiritual life by witnessing the most beautiful sunrise.

Adam's Peak is well known as "Sri Pada" or "sacred footprint" in Sri Lanka, per CEO World. Climbing the mountain is said to start at night so that climbers can witness its famous sunrise.

The trail is composed of around 2,244 meters (7,360 feet), about 5,000 steep steps, long drops, holy places, tea bequests, and woodlands filled with wild animals. Adam's Peak knows no religion.

Anyone who has different religious faiths can climb Adam's Peak and reach the holy place. Whatever religion the tourist believes, their success in climbing the top can be dedicated to God, Adam, Buddha, Saint Thomas, or Shiva.

People who usually climb Adam's Peak are pilgrims from different faiths. It is thought to be a pilgrimage site for over 1,700 years.

According to The South China Morning Post, Buddhists believe the shrine's stone tablet at the top contains Buddha's footprint. Thus, it is called Sri Pada or sacred foot. Hindus, on the other hand, think it is Shiva's footprint, Muslims deem it is from the Prophet Adam, and Christians judge it is from the Apostle St. Thomas.

Adam's Peak has a majority of Buddhist flags, so it is predominantly claimed by the said religion as its place of worship. But in the mornings, it is often filled with tourists. They try their best to reach the top to witness the sunrise.

Adam's Peak's sunrise forms a triangular shadow on the landscape to the west, and a lot of tourists want to witness it. Although the outline can only be seen momentarily, it gives a striking feeling to whoever will have a glimpse. When the silhouette fades, a group of young monks will appear from the pagoda to bang their drums and move around the small complex.

The pilgrimage season usually starts in December, but its peak starts in January and February. Sri Lankans and tourists gather at the lodges of Nallathanniya to prepare for the climb. Full moons are usually crowded to light the path, but they can also climb any night as electric lights illuminate the concrete steps.

Although lights are all working, it is still advised to use headtorch. There are also stops for tea and coffee, and a toilet, but climbers can't afford to stop. Despite the boring climb, it is something they have to endure to witness the grand sunrise. Being at the top of Adam's Peak is a very special way to see another beautiful morning.