'Into The Badlands' Season 3 Reveals Sunny's Sister Kannin

Into The Badlands
Daniel Wu as Sunny finally met his sister in "Into The Bandlands." (Photo: IntoTheBadlandsAMC/Facebook)

Sunny (played by Daniel Wu) has come face-to-face with his sister, Kannin (played Eugenia Yuan). The character was finally revealed to be alive and existing in Into the Badlands season 3 episode 13. 

Earlier in the series, Sunny learned that he had a long lost sister who helped him escape the utopian place of Azra as a little boy. However, Sunny failed to find out more about this sister until his eventual encounter with the Black Lotus in Into the Badlands season 3 episode 13. 

The episode gave clarity to what happened to Kannin. She was recruited into the secret cult as a child, and it's the only life she knows. But following the last episode, Kannin is now aligned with her brother, and her appearance comes at the right time as her presence might likely fill up the loss of The Master (played by Eleanor Matsuura) and Ankara (played by Clare Higgins).

Viewers might have noticed Yuan's movements and expertise in Martial Arts in her debut episode on Into the Badlands. According to Screen Rant, she is the daughter of the first major Martial Arts star, Cheng Pei-Pei, in real life. 

Yuan has also appeared in popular and critically-acclaimed Martial Arts movies like the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel and The Man with the Iron Fists 2. Her 72-year-old mother, on the other hand, was in the first Crouching Tiger film and will soon be seen in the live-action adaptation of Mulan from Disney. 

Meanwhile, Into the Badlands season 3 episode 13 also highlighted the shift and growth of Tilda (played by Ally Ionnides). Syfy discussed the changes and evolution of the character, as well as her blossoming friendship with Gaius (played by Lewis Tan). 

Ionnides said that what makes her character's connection with Gaius extra special is their backgrounds are almost similar. They did not start as chummy and friendly with each other, but there still exist genuine care for each other. 

It's also special that it's The Widow who brought them together. Incidentally, Ionnides also thinks that it's high time Tilda and The Window's relationship also takes a good turn in Into the Badlands season 3. 

"They're saving each other all the time, they're fighting this war together; they don't have to sit down and talk about it because they're proving it and now everything is so solid that a smile is all Tilda needs to know they're on the same side, that they're working towards the same thing," Ionnides said. 

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