‘GTA 6’ Latest Update: Set Era, Location And More

Where will the "GTA 6" era setting be?
Where will the "GTA 6" era setting be? (Photo: Instagram/Rockstar Games)

With tons of questions and speculations flooding the internet on the "GTA 6" update and release, fans are now into divided opinions on the Grand Theft Auto 6 real score and existence. While anticipations remain to be on the help of Rockstar, here is a quick trip to the game's era of setting and location

Three rumored "GTA 6" era of setting is currently surfacing the internet. With Rockstar remaining mum after announcing the possibility of a "GTA 5" successor, the public is left to follow the company's pattern of operation to guess the game's time period as well as the location.

If Rockstar will continue with the 'GTA 3' and 'GTA 4' flow wherein the fourth release was a remake of the third one set in Liberty City, then there is a strong possibility that 'GTA 6' will be a remake of the famous GTA: Vice City.

Following the same trend, then the sixth "GTA 6" will revolve around the 1980's time period. Vice City, Miami is the home for the most loved GTA games ever.

Another speculation arising is that Rockstar will venture into future setting for the "GTA 6" time period. If proven true, then the game console will have to flow as the futuristic games such as the "Call of Duty."

However, there is a risk of GTA long time followers trying to stick to the classic setting Grand Theft Auto they loved. An example of which is what happened to Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare who received negative feedback for their inability to satisfy the simple root effect that the fans are looking for.

One possibility arising is that "GTA 6" will take advantage of today's technology to make a huge entry to the next generation of the game console. Rockstar will shift from the classic 80's vehicles to today's electric cars as well as smartphones and internet advantage.

"GTA 6" location, on the other hand, hops on two major speculations. One will be in London, England while the second one is a travel element from Vice City to Southern America. The latter seems to hold a better weight as one developer once said that "GTA is for America."

As for the release date, an anonymous European developer recently stated that "GTA 6" will be launched during the holiday season of 2020. Rockstar still has not confirmed or denied anything about the Grand Theft Auto 6 time period, setting and release date.  

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