Hwang Hana Purchased Meth Directly, New Katalks Reveal

Hwang Hana Purchased Meth Directly, New katalks Reveal Truth
New katalks Reveal Hwang Hana Purchased Meth Directly, (Photo: katalks screenshot)

New katalks have been revealed that prove Hwang Hana purchased drugs.

According to a broadcast by Channel A 'News A' on the 16th, contents of a katalk conversation reveal that Hwang Hana purchased meth from college student Cho Moo in 2015, who was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for the drug charges.

According to the contents of the katalks, Hwang Hana said, "I don't want to be sick. Let's just buy 1g." Then Cho said, "Good."

Hwang Hana continued, "If you tell your sister in Busan, you can get it [purchase drugs] right away. If 1g is enough for 20 people, it can be administered at the same time."

The conversation was obtained from Cho's cell phone and shows that Hwang Hana is directly involved in the purchase and supply of drugs.

Hwang Hana is also being investigated for ties to police due to a conversation that was released by a blogger last year that led Hwang Hana to sue for defamation. In the prior conversation, Hwang Hana is seen bragging to her friends about "her father being best friends with the police chief."

In response to these allegations, the police have released an official statement saying, "the police chief remarks that came out are not true. In fact, they don't know anyone at the police."

The article is originally published on Daily Naver.

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