'American Horror Story' Season 9 Release Date: AHS 1984 Might Drop This Autumn, Plot To Follow '80s Horror Films

American Horror Story
The first promo teaser has dropped. "American Horror Story" Season 9 might follow a September-October premiere. (Photo: americanhorrorstory/Facebook)

The year 1984 is getting a lot of attention lately. But what is with this year, in all actuality? Well, aside from the fact that the second Wonder Woman film carries the title Wonder Woman 1984, the upcoming season of American Horror Story also carries the same year in its title, AHS: 1984. But while there is a lot of curiosity circulating the titles of these materials, there is no denying to the fact that American Horror Story Season 9 is coming soon.

On January 2017, it was revealed by FX that American Horror Story is renewed for two seasons. And with the conclusion of the eighth season last 2018, fans are now seeking answers as to when the new season will arrive.

As it appears, there is no confirmation yet when it comes to the actual release date of American Horror Story Season 9. But even so, there are speculations that the series might follow its usual releasing period. For the first five seasons of the show, they all followed an October release. As for the recent ones, they all premiered in September.

So, if following the same patterns, American Horror Story Season 9 might premiere on September as well. But if not, the latest would be in October. Either way, the show will drop its ninth season during the autumn season.

Although there is no confirmation yet about its premiere date, it has been already affirmed that Evan Peters will sit the season out for the first time in the course of the show. But as for a reason behind, no further enlightenment has been given to the public. For all the fans know, his previous roles have taken a great toll on his mental health. Others, however, speculate that his recent break-up with Emma Roberts is the reason as the actress is reported to lead the cast of the upcoming season.

Aside from the casting updates, the first promotional teaser for American Horror Story Season 9 has dropped already. And based on the clip, it seemingly appears that AHS 1984 is largely inspired by most of the popular horror shows in the 80s. Accordingly, a lot of fans are already theorizing that the next season is likely to feature a plot that is somehow similar to Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

But, of course, these are only considerations made by the fandom. And it is expected for things to unveil further once the official trailer for American Horror Story Season 9 drops this summer.

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