'The Flash' Season 5 Episode 18 Preview: 'Godspeed' Appearance Finally Revealed, Infamous Comic Foe Might Now Arrive On Series

The Flash Season 5 "Godspeed" on CW
"The Flash" Season 5 is now eighteen episodes deep. Photos of Godspeed have been released. (Photo: CWTheFlash/Facebook)

It has been almost a month now ever since the latest episode of The Flash Season 5 aired on CW Network. And fans can no longer wait what will happen next for the whole Team Flash as the title of the upcoming episode tells about Godspeed.

In the world of comics, Godspeed is the known nemesis of The Flash. And because of this, many fans have longed for so long for the said character's appearance on the show. A lot of the actual viewers thought that Godspeed would make an appearance when the fifth season aired in 2018. Sadly, no hints and traces of him were seen until recently.

Before The Flash Season 5 took a month-long break, the eighteenth episode was revealed to carry the title of Godspeed. And ever since the revelation came to light, a lot of people has deduced that this might be already the episode where the infamous comic foe would be introduced.

Although there are numerous accounts where Godspeed is already hinted to make an appearance in the upcoming episode, no official announcement has been made. Even so, the network has recently released photos of Godspeed's costume which further strengthened the theories that he might soon be featured when The Flash Season 5 returns on CW.

Based on the official photos and teasers, it seemingly appears that Godspeed would wear an all-white Flash-like attire. And about Express' claims, it is said that Godspeed's lightning would also appear in a white hue which is something new in the whole course of the series.

But while Godspeed's appearance is already revealed to the public, there is not much information as to whether he will finally come to the show when The Flash Season 5 returns on April 16. And as it happens, there is no mentioning of his name even on the official synopsis of the episode.

It is also worth noting that the current season is still focused on its newfound villain, the new Cicada in the persona of Grace. Moreover, Nora's deepest secret about her relationship with Reverse-Flash is now out wide in the open. Not to mention the theories about Nora's real father being Thawne and not Barry is also circulating these days.

From these things alone, it seems that Team Flash is currently facing a lot of struggles which makes it hard to imagine the arrival of Godspeed. But even so, there are still hints and clues that Godspeed might still be the endgame for Team Flash on The Flash Season 5.

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