Melania Trump’s Hair Emergency At Fort Bragg Visit Eclipses Month of the Military Child Focus

Melania’s Hair Emergency At Fort Bragg Visit Eclipses Month of the Military Child Focus
Melania’s hair emergency during her recent Fort Bragg visit Monday, April 15, eclipses Month of the Military Child focus when a tabloid centered on First Lady’s “blustery” experience. (Photo: Leah Millis/Reuters)

Melania Trump's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, slammed a tabloid report on the First Lady of the United States which took away focus on the observance of the Month of the Military Child.

Instead of highlighting the occasion and featuring the real purpose of the day---the military families of those serving---it became all about Melania's hair emergency. It was a windy day Monday when Melania stepped out of her vehicle, having just arrived fresh from Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.

A certain British tabloid may have thought it amusing to make a statement by featuring several snapshots of the First Lady who had her hair blown every which way. It was viewed as a cheap shot by many who took to social media to express their disapproval at the way the First Lady seemed to be mocked.

The report stated that Melania's usually immaculate appearance "met its match" in "blustery weather" which swept her hair into wild disarray. The entirety of the piece was centered on how Melania had become windblown but was able to disembark from her plane with "valiant effort."

While it seemed to be true from what could be seen in the several photographs, Grisham felt that it should not have been the center of attention, considering the reasons why the FLOTUS had been in the area.

The representative of the FLOTUS called it "liberal media bias" which put a stain on Americans in the service and detracted from the vital purpose of the First Lady's trip.

The FLOTUS and Karen Pence, Vice President Mike Pence's wife, were on a visit to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on their campaign to support military families. This was the two ladies' second trip to the base and was given a tour of the installation. They also dropped by a middle school located inside the base as part of their program of the day.

While there, the First Lady interacted with students from the Albritton Middle School and promoted another of her campaigns, #BeBest, which focused on looking out for the well-being of the youth and advocated against cyberbullying as well as drug use, especially opioid drugs.

One from the young audience had asked whether the two women would want to do serve again, Melania shared that she "loved" what she was doing and hoped to be able to continue her service in the event that her husband, President Trump, is re-elected.

She pointed out that her husband, as well as Mrs. Pence's, were doing a "fantastic job." Melania also said that were the president to decide to run again, she would be supportive. The FLOTUS pointed out that what she was doing was a "great honor."

Mrs. Pence, who serves in the Marines, expressed the same but added that she was not there because she was "appointed" or "elected," but because of her status as the wife of the Vice President. She called it a "privilege" as well as an "honor" to make the "journey" and to "continue" doing it.

Both responded to a question as to how their situations have changed their lives, Melania described how the family had to move from New York as well as having to take on some new and varied responsibilities.

She stressed the fact that she would want to go on with her program of shining "a light on children."

The Second Lady made reference to the greatest adjustment she and her husband had to make when they began their service, and that was not being able to "drive anymore" as there was always "somebody" tasked to take them both "everywhere" they went.

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