3 Cameras On iPhone XIR, Apple Astoundingly Jumps From Single To Triple Camera Design

Best Replica/Clone/Fake iPhone XR
Best Replica/Clone/Fake iPhone XR (Photo: Jenifer Chen/Flickr)

Apple is set to astound their loyal iPhone users as the tech giant jumps from a single to a triple camera iPhone XIR.

A leak suggests that the iPhone XIR will skip the Apple cycle of increasing the cameras one at a time at each upgrade. The third of the 2019 iPhone release line could come with a triple rear camera.

The leak came from a Twitter status update posted by Steve Hemmerstoffer, a known leaker who has built a reputation of releasing accurate leaks on the latest in gadgets. Hemmerstoffer with Twitter handler @OnLeaks revealed that the three 2019 iPhone releases will all feature a triple camera.

OnLeaks statement was his reply to a follower's comment stating his hope that Apple will not make the triple camera feature exclusive to iPhone max models alone. The follower with the Twitter handler @electricraftcam added that he prefers handy devices but not sacrificing on the phone features.

Hemmerstoffer also known as Steve H. McFly specifically stated that his unconfirmed source disclosed that the triple camera will be seen on iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max, and iPhone XIR. He further added that the exclusivity on iPhone XI  and iPhone XI Max will be on the design as both devices will come with the partly frosted glass.

Avid iPhone users are now speculating on the implication of Apple's leap from a single camera to triple camera if the leak could be proven true. Could this mean that iPhone XIR will no longer be the affordable one as the 2019 iPhone lineup invades the market?

As Apple releases a whole line of device, the tech giant always has a standard version, a max and an affordable one. With the 2019 iPhone release line up, the iPhone XI is the standard model, the iPhone XI Max more costly being the pro while the iPhone XIR being XR's successor as the affordable one.

Back in March, Hemmerstoffer, and Macotara, a leaker also known to have the reputation of accurate information both released leaks giving the iPhone users a hint on how Apple intends to make the 2019 lineup. The leaked photo showed a back casing of the alleged iPhone XI series with provisions for triple rear camera design.

Both Macotara and Hemmerstoffer's leaks on what they called the iPhone's worst design did not specify if the iPhone XIR is included in the triple camera list. OnLeaks is reminding his followers that his most recent leak is from an unconfirmed source and that they will have to wait for the source to confirm the render.

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