Deadly Truths About Molds And How To Combat It

Person Touching a Rock with Molds
Did you know that molds are more than just an annoyance? These slimy black spots can also put your body at risk, experts warn. (Photo: Daria Shevtsova/ Pexels)

Molds can be pretty tough to remove especially those that are found in between tiles in your bathroom and kitchen. But did you know that molds are more than just an annoyance? These slimy black spots can also put your body at risk, experts warn.

People who are susceptible to mold allergies are those who have a weak immune system, undergoing chemotherapy, have HIV infection, asthma, liver disease or cancer, and those that are suffering from respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, children, infants, and the elderly should also make sure to keep their paths off of them.

One of the riskiest molds that are known to science as of the present is the one scientists call the "black mold." This kind of mold is usually found almost everywhere. Feeds on organic household material such as carpet, insulation, drywall, and sub-flooring exposed to moisture, these spores can be risky especially once inhaled or ingested, which could result to dangerous effects, as reported by HGTV.

Once the spores got into one's body, some of the body's reaction include chronic coughing and sneezing, rashes, mucus membranes of the nose and throat, chronic fatigue, irritation of the eyes, and persistent headaches. Prolonged exposure to it can also result in much more serious symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and nose and lung bleeding.

Given all these facts, it is indeed crucial to remove these silent killers that lurk inside your very homes. But since removing these molds are very difficult and often costly, controlling the spread of these spores is one of the best, convenient and the cheapest ways to do for a mold-free house.

An online healthcare blog named WebMD posted several ways on how to control and minimize the spread of molds. Since molds exist because of moisture, the best thing to do to reduce, eliminate or prevent its growth is to end the house's dampness. No matter how you try to remove the molds in your house but is unable to end the root cause of it, there is still a great possibility these spores will eventually return in the end.

You can start removing the moisture out of your house by first, drying your clothes outside instead of just putting it inside your bathrooms. Second, by using exhaust fans for your kitchen and bathroom to remove any moisture after bathing or cooking. And lastly, by just simply opening the window of your bathroom while showering especially after a relaxing hot bath.

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