'Doctor Strange' Star Benedict Cumberbatch Slapped By Cyclist On Previous Road Mishap

Benedict Cumberbatch
"Doctor Strange" star, Benedict Cumberbatch encountered a few confrontations and physical assault by a cyclist in one of his road accidents. (Photo: Benedict Cumberbatch/Facebook)

Benedict Cumberbatch had a few confrontations from ordinary people that might not be a good call in terms of security. One incident was way back September, when the Sherlock star's car, apparently his Lamborghini, accidentally hit a cyclist along a country road in the Isle Of Wight. Cumberbatch married director Sophia Hunter on February 14, 2015, at the 12th-century Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Mottistone on the Isle of Wight followed by a reception at Mottistone Manor. Since then, the English actor maintains a second house there and is a frequently-seen face.

Back in September, it was reported that Benedict Cumberbatch met an unpleasant encounter with a cyclist as he accidentally "knocked off" a certain Michael Lawrence, 63, a retired fisherman. Michael had to put his arm over to protect himself and thus took all of the force of the impact on his forearm. The swing of the car mirror which bumped on the cyclist immediately caused him a wound as blood gushes out.

Just when Benedict Cumberbatch went out of his car to apologize and check on the damage, Mr. Lawrence slapped him terribly. Friends of Michael Lawrence, or who they normally called as "Scooby" relayed the incident as Scooby failed to recognize the Avengers: Infinity War actor. They didn't explain further how eventually, Scooby agreed to let Benedict Cumberbatch bring him to the hospital.

This was not the first time the Doctor Strange star was confronted with violence as he previously rushed in to help a Deliveroo crew as he was being attacked. Benedict Cumberbatch became an instant cyclist defender in London as he went out from his Uber transport and drove the attackers away, a true Avenger he is. Cumberbatch had so many reasons to be brave for as he was also a victim of abduction while in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, in 2005.

Benedict Cumberbatch and two of his friends were momentarily stocked with a burst tire and was then abducted as they were held at gunpoint by a group of locals. Fortunately, their abductors eventually freed them in an unsettled territory with no reason at all. This was the time The Hobbit star realized how life should be lived to the fullest and eventually showed him the "sense of reality and a reason for hope."

Because of being amicable with the cyclist, police reports of Hampshire Police said that the incident was already reported. As both parties did not file a complaint; thus, there were no criminal offenses were investigated, and insurances will handle all the damages from the incident. Michael Lawrence has been thinking of seeking compensation while Benedict Cumberbatch will not press charges against the slap.

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