Beauty Hacks: Products That Are Not Splurge-Worthy

Assorted Eye Shadow and Blusher Pallette
What if I tell you there are things in your beauty kit you should never even spend more than $10 on? (Photo: zhugewala/ Pexels)

To become beautiful is one of every woman's desire especially nowadays that the standard of the world for beauty is extremely high. Because of this truth, most women tend to allot huge amounts of money to meet this standard to be able to have a face that could launch a thousand ships.

According to People, women are spending an average amount of $43 every time they go on a shopping trip for makeup. This amount might seem absolutely fine especially for makeup addicts. But once this cost is piled up, the total cost will surely be huge.

Some might say it is okay to invest in such things right? But what if I tell you there are things in your beauty kit you should never even spend more than $10 on? Here are some of those as posted on the Reader's Digest.


Though your favorite MAC foundation and L'Oreal eyeshadow are splurge-worthy, you might want to consider cutting cost with your mascara and choose those that are cheaper in price. One of the reasons why you should do so is because of how easily bacteria multiply inside it. You surely might not want to use a bacteria-filled mascara, right? Furthermore, mascara also has short shelf-life and it tends to dry faster. So, you won't surely be able to use it that long no matter how pricey it is. Once opened and used, all mascaras need to be trashed after three months.


Brands of lipsticks don't really have a lot of differences, except when it comes to its pigments. So if you don't have plans to be boring by just keeping only one shade, better to pick lippies that are cheaper in price. By choosing cheaper ones, you will still have more money to buy other pigments perfect for your daily mix and match. Letting your lips a touch of MAC lipstick every once in a while is perfect. But if you want to be more practical, better to choose those that are cheaper yet good products such as Maybelline.


"One blusher will do the same job as another, it's just a question of which shade you are looking for as to how much you should spend", says Lori Leib, Creative Director at Bodyography. "Don't splurge a large amount of money on a small amount of blusher", she added.

The brand and the price doesn't matter when it comes to blush or bronzers. What's more important is the right amount of product you put on your face.

Looking good doesn't always need to be pricey. Following these tips will make you not just beautiful but also smart in handling and investing your finances. 

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