Nostradamus 2019 Predictions As Read By Craig Hamilton-Parker: Donald Trump Assassination, War And Hard Brexit

Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump talks to reporters as he departs to visit storm-hit areas of Alabama from the White House in Washington, U.S., March 8, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Some sixteenth-century predictions by Nostradamus will be coming true this year 2019, including a rough and stormy patch for United States President Donald Trump, according to the British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker.

The professed clairvoyant, himself, has talked of four events for 2019 that he predicted will happen -- just like so many other events which he prophesied last year. The major ones which will rock the world in terms of the changes those will bring include war in the Middle East, the impeachment of Trump, the European Union Brexit, and tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

According to Hamilton-Parker, one of the biggest issues that will face the U.S. is Mr. Trump vacating his position, and Hamilton-Parker clarified this to say that it may not be an impeachment issue but rather a health issue which will cause him to leave the presidency for a short period.

The psychic medium went on to say that this health concern will not be a very serious one, and he points to a more specific condition, something close to a perforated bowel; a serious condition that will not bring death but take him out of his office for a short while.

Hamilton-Parker also believed Nostradamus' prediction of an assassination plot which will be carried out during Trump's second term of office.

Some tensions are also due between the East and the West, as Trump is said to challenge Russia's Vladimir Putin over Syria. Hamilton-Parker foretells increscent friction between the United States and Russia which will cause widespread concern in the world. The onset of this so foretold event is said to come early in 2019, although there would not be all all-out war, the psychic said.

The psychic medium says that he can see an army being posted in a neighboring country or somewhere nearby such as Israel or maybe Saudi Arabia; a friendly country, he added. However, there would not be any actual warfare although the conflict will gradually escalate. There will instead be more "saber-rattling."

The two leaders, Trump and Putin, Hamilton-Parker shared, may work on a treaty which will, according to him, be reflective of what North Korea and the U.S. worked out in June of 2018.

While the clairvoyant has already presaged a slew of hurricanes in the previous year, he believes that this year, some mighty quakes will threaten the American nation.

He referred to "serious seismic activity" although he does not mean California's Big One. And while he warns that his predictions should not have people panicking, he is positive that there will be plenty of active seismic events in America this year.

The British author and spiritual influencer believes that the United Kingdom will have a difficult Brexit, without taking any deals with it. He also predicts that once this takes place, the Prime Minister Theresa May will hand in her resignation.

Although this particular prediction is not in Nostradamus' augury, Hamilton-Parker has shared that he "always" felt a "strong connection" with the Brexit and stands his ground, as he has said since, that it will be a "hard Brexit," despite the "different ideas" and "alternatives."

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