Police Believe Park Yoochun Is Trying To Destroy Evidence

Park Yoochun Reportedly Had His Tattoo Of Hwang Hana’s Face On His Arm Removed
Park Yoochun reportedly had his tattoo of Hwang Hana’s face on his arm removed after drug allegations were laid on the latter. (Photo: JYJOfficial/Twitter)

Police believe that Park Yoochun is destroying evidence.

According to investigators on Thursday, the drug investigation unit of the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency raided the singer's home in Hanam, Gyeonggi on Wednesday on charges of drug use.

Police also issued a search warrant to collect body hair that will be needed to conduct a drug test on Park Yoochun. In the process, however, Police realized that Yoochun had removed most of his body hair. As a result, the Police had to collect hair from his head and legs and sent the samples to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for analysis. It will take about 3 weeks to receive the results.

When asked about the body hair removal, the singer said, "I usually remove all my body hair in preparation for my concert schedules."

The police had also completed a simple liver drug test on Yoochun and the results came out 'negative' and netizens believed that Yoochun may be innocent of the drug allegations. But because the singer had bleached his hair bright red before and removed all his body hair for the investigations it is raising suspicion that he is trying to destroy the evidence.

In the meantime, Park Yoochun held an emergency press conference and vehemently denied the charges and showed his willingness to participate in the investigation process. He has since then appointed a lawyer to handle the situation.

This article is originally published on Daily Naver.

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