Wheesung cancels concert amid drug allegations

Wheesung cancels concert amid drug allegations
Wheesung International Film Festival 2018, 26 April 2018. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jci2NSORr30)
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Wheesung has canceled his scheduled concert amid drug allegations.

The singer is suspected to be the celebrity 'A' after allegations raised by Amy via her Instagram post on Monday 16th. In the post shared publicly, Amy claims that "she took drugs with celebrity 'A' and that 'A' begged/blackmailed her to take the blame."

Because Amy was really good friends with Wheesung in the past, netizens suspected that celebrity 'A' might be the popular singer. Due to these suspicions, Wheesung was embroiled in controversy and his agency 'RealSlow' released a preliminary statement on the 16th saying, "they will need to confirm the allegations with Wheesung directly and are currently verifying the facts."

On the 17th, the singer released an official statement through his agency 'RealSlow' on Instagram and said, "I want to make it clear on the suspicions raised by Amy on her SNS on the 16th. They are not true at all. There is no such fact, and if there is a transcript as claimed by the other party, I will be punished accordingly."

"Amy's revelation is not true. I've already been cleared of the charges of propofol medication during military service in 2013. I repeat, I was investigated by the military prosecution at the time and I was cleared of the charges after proving that my doctor's prescription was carried out in accordance with the purported hospital treatment. It was a great pain to the other party just to say it was not true it was a difficult decision to make. I'm sorry to have caused you another concern over the past," he said, asking for restraint from premature speculation and groundless rumors.

Although Wheesung refuted Amy's revelations, the scheduled joint concert 'Broman Show' with K-Will has been canceled.

His production company Spring Eenti said, "We want to inform you that the tour concert of the '2019 K-Will x Wheesung Broman Show' which was scheduled for May 4th and 5th in Seoul, Jeonju, Busan, and Daegu was canceled due to unavoidance circumstances. We apologize for the news for the many audiences who had been waiting for the performance. We apologize to all the fans who have been and were excited for the 'Broman Show' national tour concert and the many people who have been disturbed or uncomfortable due to the sudden cancellation of the performance. We would like to express our deep apology to the many fans who have been waiting for the concert once again and we will complete the refunds promptly for those who had purchased tickets for the performance."

In the end it, Amy's revelations appear to have caused damage to the joint concert. Wheesung's image has also taken a direct hit due to the suspicions.


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