iPhone 8 Receives Update, Could Be The New iPhone SE

iPhone 8 (CC0 1.0)
iPhone 8 (CC0 1.0) (Photo: Tinh tế Photo/Flickr)

iPhone SE could be on the way as Apple makes a list of release for their 2020 launch which includes the upgraded iPhone 8.

An industry analyst from Taiwan hinted that Apple is pushing the iPhone 8 in the markets once again. The Cupertino based company plans to pack the device rumored to be the iPhone SE with a greater fortitude on its 2020 release.

Getting into details, sources say that the iPhone 8 rumored to be the next iPhone SE will come with A13 Bionic chip, Apple's latest processor chip. Previous reports suggest the next generation of iPhone SE will bear the tech giant's latest processor after the A12 Bionic chips.

The screen size on the other hand, reduces the truth of the speculation that the iPhone 8 is the next iPhone SE. The analyst's leak suggests that iPhone 8 will come with a 4.7-inch display which is way bigger than the SE's small sized 4-inch screen.

If the report on the iPhone 8 rumored to be the next iPhone SE is proven true, then users who go for smaller sized iPhones should start getting used to the upgrade and forget about the portable device they were waiting for. Iphone users however can expect a wider display as Apple intends to release all their next iPhone releases with a bezel less feature.

iPhone SE was first introduced to the mobile industry on spring of 2016. With Apple continually introducing new lines of iPhone releases, the SE upgrade remained mum.

iPhone SE was a well loved device for users who go for sharp-edged, less pebble-like design and an iPhone 5s based case. Its return was awaited for years as it is the only iPhone as of the moment with the affordability and portability packed in one.

Another angle to look at is what the Taiwanese industry analyst called Apple's old bottled new wine strategy. The analyst believe that iPhone 8 being re-introduced to the market and rumored to be the iPhone SE is the tech giant's way to lock in sales in the emerging market.

On a statement released, the analyst elaborated the possibility of iPhone 8 and iPhone SE being released together along with the iPhone XS series. He further said that the iPhone 8 will come as the priced one, the iPhone XS series will lead while the iPhone SE supports for consumers with lower budget.

With divided opinions on the iPhone 8 being the next iPhone SE, Apple lovers may have to wait and stay tuned for the latest updates for confirmation on the real score on their awaited devices.

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