You Should Eat Spicy Food Once In A While, Experts Say

Chillies (Photo: Artem Bali/ Pexels)

Chilies and spices can transform any food into an exciting and incredible dish. That's why, nothing can beat any delicacy with a little sprinkle of spice in it. Ask people from Mexico, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, and Ethiopia, and they will all say one thing: spicy foods are amazing.

But did you know there are still a lot of beautiful things that happen in your body after you've eaten your favorite spicy delicacy? Experts link these effects to a plant-based compound known to science as capsaicin, which could actually give a therapeutic and physiological effect to the body, as posted by Health Line.

Anthony Dickenson, author of the study and a professor of neuropharmacology at University College London, explains how capsaicin's 'excitation' affects the body as it "leads to the feeling of heat or burning pain, blood vessel dilation, reddening of the skin and body temperature elevation". The expert also claimed how beneficial this compound is to the body and how it has already been used even as treatments. According to him, capsaicin can be eaten or applied on the skin.


Some ointments used to ease pain have and added capsaicin compounds in it. Experts say, the compound present in those creams can actually desensitize muscle pain. "There is also a high-dose [capsaicin] patch that makes the pain-sensing nerve endings pull back from the application site", which could effectively relieve pain, he added.


Another thing that this pepper's compound can do is bolstering heart and metabolic functions. According to Time, though there are still no specific information about it yet, researchers say this could possibly decrease the mortality rate of a person.


Capsaicin is also good for people who are planning to lose weight as it can also combat obesity. Experts say, capsaicin can also be very effective in burning visceral fat, which is also known as one of the causes of some chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardio vascular diseases.

Unfortunately, too much of everything good is still bad. So, it is still crucial to always consider the level of spiciness and how frequent you eat such. Though eating spicy foods can be beneficial to the body, it is still best to remember not to consume too much of it since it could also cause negative things to the body such as cancer of the throat and stomach. 

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