Xbox Rumor: Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console 'More Advanced' Than PlayStation 5

Microsoft Xbox
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There's no point in arguing that Sony and Microsoft will continue to bash heads for as long as they can modify the PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. Think of it as some sort of an SOP: if one console comes out with a better version, then rest assured that the other will look to level the playing field or if not, go beyond its competition. It's a console Ping-Pong that Sony and Microsoft will continue to play for as long as they can.

PlayStation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny recently fed its followers with juicy morsels about Sony's "next-generation console." These included, among others, the backwards capability of the PS 5, the use of Ray Tracing and a Solid State Drive. These and much more will officially make up the PS 5, and by the looks of it, Sony is on the driver's seat.

Recent news, however, might have something that would change the minds of console gamers. According to Ainsley Bowden's Tweet, Xbox's heir, codenamed "Anaconda" will be "more advanced" than the PS 5. The tipster also said that this audacious claim came from "multiple insiders" and that next year will be "AMAZING" for PlayStation and Xbox fans.

Another source rallied behind Bowden tweet, reporting that the information came from "known sources" that, for years, proved to be reliable when it comes to leaks about Microsoft and its console. This only means that the company can make things a bit more complicated for the PS 5 to grab the Best Console trophy.

In all likelihood, Microsoft can pack in all the necessary ingredients to make the next Xbox more powerful than the PlayStation 5. Still, their dream to be the all-powerful console lives on. The Xbox One X came with a promise, and now, it's up for their next-generation console to keep the fire burning and claim its throne.

It's unclear - for now, at least - on how Microsoft can go toe to toe with what Cerny was able to disclose about the PlayStation 5 this week. With the likes of 8K support, 3D audio, lightning speed load times and a bunch more, Microsoft can feel the pressure building.

As with all rumors, treat Bowden's tweet as a hint of what Microsoft can and should do to keep up with the pace created by the PlayStation 5. It's not on official record, but it's a sign of good things to come. Who knows, maybe Bowden's sources are right. If they are, then next year is indeed going to be amazing.

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