'Santa Clarita Diet' Season 4 Might Get Canceled, Recent Reports State Otherwise

Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix
The renewal and cancellation updates for "Santa Clarita Diet" are shocking the fandom. (Photo: SantaClaritaDiet/Facebook)

Santa Clarita Diet has become one of the most favorite materials on Netflix library in recent times. Thanks to its witty, funny, and thrilling actors and storylines, the series of three seasons is no doubt a gem to the streaming giant.

Less than a month ago, Netflix has dropped the third season of Santa Clarita Diet that consists of 10 episodes. And for those who have already binge-watched the whole new installment, it is only fitting to wonder when the new season will arrive on the streaming platform.

Quite shockingly, there were claims a few days ago that Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 might not happen due to the fact that the latest season is not as good as its predecessors. Also, some of the avid fans of the show admit to the apparent disappointment they had after watching the latest season.

But while these recent claims are actually storming out a lot of fans, it is worth noting that there are no confirmations yet whether Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 is renewed or cancelled. The truth is updates are yet to be made by the streaming giant.

If anyone would recall, Netflix normally reports the renewal and cancellation of a certain series after a month or two of the premiere. And since Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 was just released less than a month ago, on March 29 of this year to be exact, fans and viewers would need to wait a little more for further updates.

It is also worth mentioning that not everyone sees the latest season as an inferior material to its previous seasons. In fact, other fans of the show were quite vocal about their apparent enjoyment to the plot of the third season. And not only that they enjoyed the course of the series, but they also started a commotion on Twitter about the renewal of Santa Clarita Diet.

As it happens, they largely believe that there is no reason for cancelling Santa Clarita Diet Season 4. Not to mention that the latest season ended with a lot of cliffhangers which only somehow proves that a new season is already planned beforehand.

Now, if all things proceed smoothly and the show gets a green light from Netflix in the next few weeks, there is a huge possibility that Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 would arrive on the platform by March or April of 2020. As for the plot, it will surely pick up where the latest season has ended.

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