Electric Cars
A electric charging port is seen attached to plug-in hybrid vehicle (Photo: Reuters)

According to a recent report, China's overall electric vehicle market outperforms the combined sales output of the United States and Europe combined. Many market analysts have attributed this impressive performance to China's growing appetite not only for electric vehicles but cars in general. The report also added that China is on the road to overcoming the entire world when it comes to electric vehicles production and sales.

During the first quarter of this year, close to 227,000 all-electric vehicles were registered in China. This was pointed out by AID analyst Matthias Schmidt who used data from CAAM. In Western Europe, electric car registrations reached a record 81,100. In the United States, the electric car market is estimated to be around 41,000 during the first quarter of the year.

For the first quarter of the year, more than 348,100 all-electric cars were registered in China, Western Europe, and the United States. Of the total registrations, China accounts for 65.2 percent, Western Europe accounts for 23 percent, and the United States accounts for 11.8 percent.

With China's growing demand for all-electric vehicles, it is rather surprising to many analysts that American car manufacturer Tesla, with its Tesla Model 3 flagship car, is at the top of the most preferred brand by the Chinese market. Market analysts have agreed that this is a huge win for Tesla which is fighting a tough fight for market dominance in its home country.

Tesla's dominance in the tech market is surprising despite the fact that the company is facing a lot of backlash over a number of explosion incidents involving its cars. Recently, a video of a Tesla car bursting into flames in Shanghai have circulated in a number of Chinese social media platforms. While the incident has not been confirmed by Tesla, the video sparked speculations over the safety of some of its cars.

The BBC acquired a translation of Tesla statement posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, "After learning about the incident in Shanghai, we immediately sent the team to the scene last night."

The video showed a parked white vehicle with smoke rising from its body. Seconds later the car burst into flames. Based on the timestamp on the video, it would appear that the incident happened on Sunday night, local time. A number of incidents were also reported involving Tesla cars catching fire even if the cars were moving.