Melania Trump Is Now Trevor Noah’s ‘The Daily Show’ ‘Dream Guest’

Melania Challenged By Slovenian Leading Countrywomen ‘Speak Out’ On Trump Policies Or Be Remembered For ‘Don’t Care’
Melania was challenged by her Slovenian countrywomen to ‘speak out’ on Trump policies or be remembered for her ‘don’t care’ silence. (Photo: REUTERS/Darren Ornitz)

Melania Trump is Trevor Noah's new pick as 'dream guest' on his The Daily Show instead of her husband, Donald Trump, and he explains why.

Trevor Noah, the popular host of The Daily Show, has in the recent past been angling to have President Donald Trump as a guest on his show. However, just lately, the South African comedian has changed his mind as to who he now considers his "dream guest" to interview on his talk show.

During an appearance Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 35-year-old writer revealed the White House personality he now hopes to invite on The Daily Show.

He explained that he has gained some experience in doing interviews of prominent people that he can now almost predict how an interview would go. He shared that his "dream guest" used to be the President of the United States, but he claimed that "after watching his interviews" in the past few years, he says he can now gauge what would happen should the President guest in his satirical new program.

He shared with Ellen DeGeneres that if he were to interview President Trump, the latter would most likely say that he was doing "well." The Daily Show host said further that were he to ask Trump "about something" and the latter did not know the answer, Trump would only just "make the answer up."

Noah went on expounding that, in the case where Trump would have no idea "what's happening," the President would invariably say (switching this time to his Trump voice impersonation), "Very, very, very big." Then, "very close," and then he added, "They know," and "They don't know."

It appeared Noah is seasoned enough to know his Trump script, and so, this explains why he now has had a change of heart.

The talk show host has set his interview sights on Melania Trump instead, and remarks that his intent is genuine in wanting to have the First Lady be his guest on The Daily Show. Noah voiced his interest in knowing whether the FLOTUS' "Be Best" campaign which embraces anti-bullying as one of its platforms is a "long-term dig" directed at her husband, the President.

Noah admitted it was one of those things he "genuinely" looked forward to finding out.

It is not known whether the First Lady is aware of the host's eagerness to interview her and if she were amenable to the idea at all.

At this time, Melania is on her way to Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, with the President for the Easter weekend with their son Barron. The pair who were pictured holding hands could not wait to board the Marine One on the heels of the latest release on the Mueller report.

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