Another Victim Accuses ‘Tokbang’ Member of Raping Her at Seungri and Roy Kim's Party

Singer Roy Kim
Singer Roy Kim
(Photo: SNS Capture)
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Another woman has come forward alleging rape at Seungri's party.

According to a broadcast by SBS 'News 8' on the 19th, Mr. Kim, a member of Jung Joon Young's 'tokbang' raped a woman overseas.

According to the report, the victim, identified only by her family name 'Lee', was invited to a get-together overseas in 2016 involving former Big Bang member Seungri, Roy Kim, Yoo In-Seok, and other members from the controversial 'tokbang' chatroom. Ms. Lee didn't know any of the men at the party but she accepted the invitation only because her other female friends were also invited and they would have separate sleeping quarters for the women.

The issue arose in the evening however when she blacked out while having dinner and drinks with the guys in their living room. She said, "I'm a heavy drinker. I'm known for being able to hold my liquor among my friends so I knew it had to be a different reason ."

Her friends let her rest on the floor of the living room but the next day she woke up laying naked in a bed on another room adjacent to the living room. She said, "My friends found me in another room connected to the bathroom but on the other side from where they originally left me. They were yelling at me to wake up and open my eyes. Apparently they had been trying to wake me up for over 30 minutes by pinching me on my cheeks, thighs, arms, and stomach."

Three years later, she learned about what really happened to her that night when Jung Joon Young's 'tokbang' chat logs were released. Kim had actually posted a video of her in the chatroom and the conversation went as follows:

Mr. Kim: shares video file
Choi Jonghun: "What is this. It's so short"
Mr. Kim: shares another video file
Choi Jonghun: "What is this. She is passed out"
Jung Joon Young: ㅋㅋit was a rape

When asked about the contents of the chat logs by Police during investigation, Mr. Kim said, "The sex was consensual."

Seungri's lawyer had already commented on the issue previously and stated, "he doesn't remember what happened because it was so long ago."

When asked why she waited so long to come forward with her statement, Ms. Lee said, "If a person like this gets away free, they’ll just think that’s it’s so easy to get away, and there could be another target. I was also a person who thought I would never had something like this happen to them. But anyone can be a victim. It could be my younger sister. I don’t want there to be anymore victims, I want them to be punished, so I thought I should come out."

Police have confirmed that the video footage is indeed of Ms. Lee and have charged Mr. Kim with 'quasi-r*pe' [engaging in sexual intercourse with someone unconscious or with inability to resist]. Police are also investigating whether a date rape drug was administered.

This article is originally published on Daily Naver.

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