Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Debunk Lady Gaga ‘Shallow’ Oscars Moment Rumors With Sweet Look On Romantic Date Night

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Romantic couple Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk debunk Lady Gaga ‘Shallow’ Oscars moment rumors with a sweet look on a romantic date night out. (Photo: _mulderitsme/Twitter)

Romantic couple Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk debunk Lady Gaga "Shallow" Oscars moment rumors as they shared sweet looks in Santa Monica, California. The two lovebirds were photographed while on a romantic date night out Wednesday evening.

Cooper and Shayk were spotted as they left a restaurant, their chemistry evident as they walked close together, with the Russian model clutching the Oscar nominee by the arm. They were both dressed casually, evidently catching some together time, minus their 2-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine.

The supermodel sported a trench coat in a camel hue, with her hair in a messy ponytail clasped at the nape. Cooper wore a jacket the color of love, jeans, and a pair of flip flops, topping it all with a baseball cap of white and blue.  

This date came at the heels of the Oscar ado over the sparks that flew between the A Star Is Born actor and his co-star, Lady Gaga, when the two performed on stage. Their performance proved to be quite convincing when they caused their fans to believe they shared a romantic interest.

As the co-stars performed, they appeared as if they genuinely lived the moments of the movie's hit song, "Shallow," allowing fandom to misconstrue the display as "love," as the songstress referred to it.

When these rumors began to spread on social media, the "Born This Way" singer acted fast to dispel the groundless talk. She had her opportunity when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live toward the end of last month.

She pointed out to Jimmy Kimmel that what went on while she was onstage with Cooper at the Oscars was pure show business and nothing more, that she and her co-actor were merely giving their performance and the song its due.

Kimmel had pointed out that she and Cooper had "such a connection," and it could have been taken as a "compliment" even when people began to believe the two could be in love.

At these words, Lady Gaga said a lot with an eye-roll reaction, but went on to say that she considered "social media" the "toilet of the Internet." She explained that when people watched the performance and grooved on the "love," it was exactly what it had been intended to do.

She went on to say that she and her co-star had been tasked to perform a "love song" and a "love story," saying that was exactly what "Shallow" and A Star Is Born respectively were. And they had obliged, adding that the two of them had put in so much work on that performance for a week.

The two had colluded on how they would present it, based on what Cooper, as the director, envisioned. Lady Gaga explained she had asked her co-star what he thought, and then "he laid it" out, she shared.

A seasoned performer, Lady Gaga explained that for the performance to be effective, it was imperative that both stayed "connected" the whole time. To stress her point, she made mention of how when she did her tour of the world with Tony Bennett for three years; she had her "arms wrapped around" him the whole leg of the tour.

She emphasized that when singing a love song, that was what you wanted "people to feel."

Cooper and Shayk have been together since 2015 and had their daughter in 2017. The two, who live in Los Angeles, are known to keep to themselves.

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