'The Orville' Season 2 Finale: No Cliffhangers Needed, Series Might Still Get Renewed, Per Critics

The Orville Season 2
The upcoming finale for "The Orville" Season 2 is coming soon on FOX. (Photo: TheOrville/Facebook)

The Orville Season 2 is now facing its near end as the series will return a few days from now for its second part of the ending. As it happens, the Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow episode is the first part of the season finale which showed a new turnout of events, especially on Ed and Kelly's relationship due to time distortion.

Although it is still uncertain as to how things will end for Ed and Kelly and the rest of the crew, it seemingly appears that the upcoming episode of The Orville Season 2 will focus on a "disastrous fallout from Kelly's decision" as revealed by the official synopsis. And from this fallout, the whole crew will surely face it whatever happens.

But while little has been shared about the next episode, this upcoming new adventure for the crew is believed to set the tone for an all-new season if ever the series gets its renewal from FOX. However, Cartermatt takes things the other way around.

The outlet takes that The Orville Season 2 does not need any cliffhangers since the series itself offers a unique dynamic and plot for the fans to enjoy. So, even if a cliffhanger is not present, there is still a huge chance that series will be renewed for another season.

Aside from the adventurous and exciting sceneries that the series offers, another factor that is being observed for its renewal is the show's viewership ratings. And based on the season's performance, it appears that The Orville Season 2 has maintained its viewership ratings. Although there is a definite decline when it comes to the number of viewers from 5.6 million down to 2.6 million, the series remains to be a great material from FOX.

It is also worth mentioning that FOX has already announced the cancellation of its other shows like The Gifted and Rel. And since The Orville is not included in the list, there is a huge chance that the series might get renewed for Season 3 after the season finale.

But even so, it is very much advised for the fans to not expect for a new season yet. So, it is quite apparent that the upcoming episode will be the last episode of The Orville until further announcement. Accordingly, every fan must not let it pass.

The upcoming season finale carries the title, The Road Not Taken. And it is set to premiere on April 25, on Fox.

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