Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Was Caused By A Computer Glitch, According To The Cathedral’s Rector

Notre Dame Cathedral
The Notre Dame Cathedral fire was caused by a computer glitch, according to the cathedral’s rector. (Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire was caused by a computer glitch, according to the cathedral's rector.

The huge oak beams that had supported the cathedral's vaulted ceiling were burned through, and the construction personnel and architects involved in safeguarding the structure now need to work quickly at a solution, before the weakened edifice possibly collapses.

As they work out a way to stabilize the building, it was deemed a safe precaution to cordon off the surroundings, especially since some stones and debris have continued to fall from the structure after Monday's furious blaze.

Patrick Chauvet, the cathedral's rector, did not explain further what he meant by the glitch which caused the fire. But he spoke to those present at the meeting Friday, a group mostly composed of local businessmen, that it may be fully explained in a matter of two to three months.

On Thursday, investigators from the Paris police had declared a short circuit as the very likely cause of the fire. However, it is still being decided whether it was related to a glitch in the computers or to the elevators which were utilized in the ongoing renovations at the cathedral.

According to Chauvet, the church had been "well-protected" since there were fire alarms installed all over the cathedral.

Charlotte Hubert who headed the group of expert French architects specializing in the restoration of historical buildings shared with a television network, BFM, that a tarpaulin would be extended over the roof of the structure in order to protect it from more damage, this time from the elements.

Hubert emphasized that the custom-made covering would also have a double purpose of covering the workers who would be doing the repairs.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, will be presenting ideas for the cathedral's restoration to a group of representatives from the UNESCO Friday. It is viewed as an opportunity for the politician to potentially bring together his nation amidst the protests on the present economic issues in the country.

Although Macron has yet to reveal any specific plans he may have, a rising debate over the approach to use in rebuilding the great cathedral is moving across the country, as many express their opinions on what would be appropriate.   

The president is said to be considering a modern design to replace the part of the structure which was damaged. In the meantime, more than $1 billion is said to have already come in from all over France to use in rebuilding the beloved Notre Dame Cathedral.

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