Prince William, Kate Middleton Divorce Rumors: Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton's Siblings Are Reportedly Splitting Soon

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton attend an event. (Photo: Kensington Palace/Twitter)

Prince William and Kate Middleton are, undeniably, among the most followed pairings today. Besides the fact that they are part of United Kingdom's regal family, both William and Kate are the epitome of modern-day royal couple. However, the duo are hounded with divorce rumors recently after the older brother of Prince Harry was, allegedly, cheating on his wife.

Some time in March, royal expert Richard Kay said to Daily Mail that Prince William and Rose Hanbury, who is the Marchioness of Chomondeley and a good friend of Kate Middleton, had a "romantic affair." Giles Coren, who is also known for covering the royal family for years, backed up Richard's claims. "yes. it is an affair. i haven't read thee piece but i know about the affair. everyone knows about the affair, darling. even us jews. (although admittedly i'm quite a posh jew - if such a thing exists," Giles shared on Twitter.

Because of this, Kate Middleton is, reportedly, not friends with Rose Hanbury anymore. The older sister of Pippa Middleton is, also, said to be urging Prince William to cut ties with the Marchioness of Chomondeley. Speculations even suggested that William and Kate have been in talks for a divorce already because of this issue.

Globe claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton have been consulting divorce lawyers. This, according to the entertainment magazine, happened after their marriage blew up over the unending cheating scandal that keeps on making rounds online lately. The mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte is said to be "humiliated" because of the cheating scandal and she does not want to be "played by a fool."

An unnamed source, reportedly, told the publication that Prince William and Kate Middleton had a confrontation regarding the matter. After the Duchess of Cambridge made "nasty accusation" and had a "meltdown," her husband stood firm and denied the allegations. The brother of Prince Harry, allegedly, said that he never had an affair with Rose Hanbury.

True enough, Gossip Cop was able to prove that these speculations are fabricated and untrue. It even emphasized that the lawyers of the Royal family have debunked the cheating and divorce rumors already. While it is true that Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury are no longer close as they previously were, it is not because the Marchioness of Chomondeley and Prince William had an affair.

Besides, Globe has been known for publishing fabricated reports before. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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