6.1-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Philippine Capital Killing Nine People

Philippine Earthquake
Rescuers are seen at a collapsed four-storey building following an earthquake in Porac town, Pampanga province, Philippines (Photo: Reuters)

A strong 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck the capital city of the Philippines on Monday. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake was felt throughout the island of Luzon, causing major damage to various infrastructures.

The latest reports have revealed that at least nine people have been confirmed dead, while dozens have sustained injuries.

Local media reports have revealed that the nine people that were killed were from the province of Pampanga. According to provincial emergency officials, most that had died were killed when their houses had collapsed on top of them. At least three people were killed when a grocery store in the province had collapsed due to the intense shaking. Officials have also mentioned that there are at least 30 people that are still missing.

Residents that had sustained injuries have all been taken to the nearest medical facility. Rescue and emergency personnel have been dispatched into the most affected areas, with operations still ongoing as of this writing.

The earthquake was felt all throughout the island, which includes the capital city of Manila. Major airlines were also forced to delay their flights after the quake caused serious damage to the Clark International Airport in Pampanga. According to officials, seven people had reportedly sustained injuries after the ceiling of the check-in lobby of a passenger terminal had collapsed.

The Philippines' Department of Transportation had announced that it would be suspending all flights from the airport for at least 24 hours as a precautionary measure. Airlines were forced to cancel or delay their flights, with some airlines offering passengers full refunds.

Meanwhile, in the capital city of Manila, several videos were posted on social media showing the effects of the earthquake on the tall skyscrapers within the city. One video even showed water from a penthouse swimming pool spilling into the streets below as the quake shook the tall building. Office workers are also seen rushing down from various high-rise buildings across the city.

Some parts of the island had also reportedly lost power due to damaged transmission lines. The country's National Grid Corporation revealed in a statement that they are still assessing the damage caused by the quake. The agency also stated that they will immediately fix any problems once they are identified.

Following the initial hit, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has recorded at least 400 aftershocks that hit several major cities within the island. Fortunately, no other casualties were reported in the affected cities following the initial hit. 

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