Real estate tokenization is currently a hot topic because of bitcoin becoming a preferred currency in use for transactions and deals done on the Internet. According to Crypto Briefing, the widespread digitization of property may be paving the way for more tokenization. Already, the property available for digitization has amounted to $217 trillion.

Property rights have become more essential right now than at any other point in time. Blockchain already gives people security that once they buy a property, it is theirs, and the data of the transaction--as well as records certifying ownership of the property--will remain safe for as long as it can be. That's the security that blockchain affords.

Currently, blockchain is working on different things, but tokenization remains an important subject for developers. What these developers are looking at is to make more processes in real estate part of the development of blockchain platforms. In the future, blockchain may be used to create platforms for shopping, banking, and trading in different companies on the stock market.

Tezos is part of making the dream to develop tokenization a reality. Currently, the company was in the news for gaining $43 million, thanks to a Coinbase announcement. According to News BTC, that was for the sale of its native XTZ token. The valuation of the coin against the dollar also rallied, posting a rating of 0.848 from 0.781.

The rallying did by the coin followed after the introduction of a new staking service from Coinbase called "Coinbase Custody." The US-based cryptocurrency launched the platform with help from Tezos' services. Investors will be able to delegate XTZ tokens by running the blockchain platform, thereby earning a share simply by supporting a node in the Tezos-backed program.

The reaction from investors is already positive. These developments appear to put investors in XTZ tokens secure, enough for them to put trust in the rate of the XTZ against the dollar. The rate was actually in a bullish mode, enough for the market to bravely pursue a third consecutive buying session in favor of the XTZ coin.

Digital tokens will be in greater demand and will have greater use following the rise of these blockchain platforms. This early, Elevated Returns and AlphaPoint--both blockchain-based firms--have already entered into a partnership, bringing tokenization to Southeast Asian real estate for the nth time. The tokenization revolution looks like it's well underway.