Is Queen Elizabeth Ready To Retire Soon?

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth got really annoyed and horrified with the leak images of Princess Diana. (Photo: The Royal Family/Facebook)

Queen Elizabeth II just recently celebrated her 93rd birthday, so many are now wondering if she's planning to retire. Her Majesty has been adored by many people around the world, and she's reportedly held the throne longer than any ruler in the history of the British Monarchy. But now that she's getting old is she ready to retire anytime soon?

Queen Elizabeth was only 25-years-old when she reportedly felt the weight of monarchy on her shoulder - though she wasn't supposed to rule during those times. According to reports, Her Majesty's uncle abdicated the throne at that time, so her father was left in charge. But when he died, she became the queen.

After that, Queen Elizabeth dedicated her life to ruling the British Monarch. She ruled longer than anyone else in the history of the royal family, but now that she's 93, is she now ready to retire? Reports say Her Majesty isn't ready to stop - just yet.

Queen Elizabeth still makes public appearances every year and she remains very much involved in royal duties - even though her husband retired back in 2017. Following Prince Philip's retirement, Her Majesty attends engagements without him. She's been known to be an independent woman since then, so the Queen is probably not yet ready to let someone else take over her place.

Retirement for royals is different, as they don't exactly "retire" from the royalty. As Royals, they are expected to do their duties until they aren't capable of doing so. In Prince Philip's case, it was best for him to retire due to his old age and public engagements are reportedly becoming too much for him to handle.

If ever Queen Elizabeth would be incapacitated or ill, she can abdicate, and then Prince Charles will take over and be the King. However, if Her Majesty is still in good health, she's expected to continue her ruling. But then, we couldn't deny the fact the Queen is getting older, so there's also a chance she might be retiring in the coming years.

While she's making more appearances in the United Kingdom, it's worth noting that the royal family has scaled Queen Elizabeth's international engagements; younger royals now attend on behalf of the family.

Right now, Queen Elizabeth's retirement might not happen anytime soon since she's still going strong. Surely, she has plans doing it so, but it would probably be a few years away. Then after that, Prince Charles will finally be the new King.

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