New Details on Pocophone F2 Price, Specs, Camera Spotted

Pocophone F1
Pocophone F1 (Photo: POCOPHONE/Facebook)

Call it the Pocophone F2, Poco F2 or the Redmi Pro 2, but the Smartphone is certainly causing an ample wave of interest as an alternative option. Its predecessor was hands down an overnight success that some users even treated it as a gaming device. Because of this, the next-generation Pocophone will have bigger shoes to fill to continue the legacy and open new possibilities for future innovation.

First off, the Smartphone will most likely be sold as the Redmi Pro 2 in China. India meanwhile will offer it as the aforementioned Pocophnone F2. According to one source, Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing disclosed a couple of months ago that the Pocophone F2 will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. It is also rumored to be the "cheapest" handset with the Snapdragon 855 chip in India, making the Poco 2 a budget-friendly device with specifications fit for a flagship variant.

In addition, Xiaomi Product Director Wang Xiaobo said that the Pocophone F2 will be shipped with NFC and wireless charging compatibility. The Pocophone F2's bezels will likewise be "slimmer" when it is compared to other previous versions of the line. A 3.5mm headphone jack, pop-up front-facing camera, and a triple rear camera setup are common themes that fans of the Pocophone F2 might be interested in.

If the rumor about the Pocophone F2 sporting a pop-up front camera is correct, then it's safe to gamble that it will have an "all-screen" display. This means that there will be no notch to house the selfie shooter. Instead, users will be treated with a clean real estate and thin bezels to boot.

Another gossip that's been circulating around is that Weibing was spotted using what seems to be a new Smartphone. The source quickly came up with a speculation that what Weibing was using might be the new Snapdragon 855 powered device. They also described Weibing's device as a "full-screen device" with "ultra-thin side bezels." Although it looks more like the Redmi Note 7, they added that it does not have a water-drop cutout, making it look like the rumored Pocophone 2.

Weibing also revealed that the new Pocophone will have a higher screen ratio, a "lasting battery life" alongside a "more shocking price." While all of these are exciting tidbits, it's best not to bet on anything else until we hear some official statements coming from Xiaomi or Redmi. The rumor mill is still churning on Redmi's side to come up with the next best thing in the wallet-friendly field, and it looks like they're well on their way.

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