Large Restaurants Urged To Address Future Vegan Dish Demand

A menu lists food items available for sale to golf patrons during the final day of practice for the 2019 Master golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, U.S., April 10, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Segar)

Veganism is an increasingly popular food trend that is changing the game in the food service industry. A new report suggested that vegan dishes will soon be in demand in large-scale restaurant chains, urging the sector to consider providing for vegan and vegetarian customers.

The Orbis Research report titled Healthy Eating: Food Service Industry Will Have to Clean Up its Act to Suit Changing Tastes suggested that many consumers these days are in search of organic, healthier food options as veganism gains momentum.

Over the last two years, consumers started dropping sugar-packed drinks following sugar health scares. The changing food tastes of today's generation have also been attributed to the increasing popularity of Internet searches. It's now easier to know more about certain dishes and nutrition tables by going online.

The report stated that there are actually huge opportunities for large restaurant chains to tap into vegan-related trends. Restaurant owners just have to find acceptable methods in advertising healthy and clean produce.

Food service providers are also encouraged to stop obscuring information related to production processes and food origins. Obscuring these details from consumers these days can be a reason for losing potential customers, industry analysts said.

Health is now more important to consumers than ever. Researchers said the food service sector has to come up with a more uniform way of displaying health-related information for consumers so trust-building will be established effectively.

Celebrities joining the vegan movement have played a major role in promoting veganism among consumers. A number of big celebrities have showered support for Beyond Meat, the popular creator of beef and chicken substitutes.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the company's celebrity investors. Former McDonald's CEO Don Thompson and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates have also invested in the vegan business.

With celebrities backing up veganism, food service providers have been urged to take the step of either expanding menu options by adding vegan dishes or transitioning to a healthier and more organic food base.

Among the food chains that heeded the call is Taco Bell. It has long been known for its vegetarian and vegan menu offerings. Over the last few years, the food brand has added more healthy options for its massive consumer base.

According to Business Insider, Taco Bell said the menu now includes 38 vegetarian ingredients that have the capacity to produce over eight million potential food combinations. A number of Taco Bell branches offer all-vegetarian menus for health-conscious buyers.

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