TikTok Now Available In India After ByteDance Wins Court Battle

TikTok India
The logo of TikTok application is seen in this picture illustration (Photo: Reuters)

After being pulled from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in India, the Chinese social media and video sharing app TikTok is now back.

The app's parent company ByteDance reportedly won a court battle, which allowed it to reinstate the app back into mobile stores. TikTok was initially taken down under the order of Indian courts following accusations that it was exposing under-aged children to pornographic and inappropriate content.

TikTok was officially reinstated on Wednesday just a week after the Indian government forced its removal. A high court in Madras ordered the ban earlier in the month stating that the app was making children vulnerable to sexual predators, pornography, and cyberbullying.

The same court then reversed its decision following an appeal that was filed by ByteDance not long after. The company fought back against the ban and won, allowing it to continue adding users to its current 120 million active Indian users.

In a statement following the court's decision, ByteDance mentioned that it was happy with the decision and that its users in India are probably also happy about how things have turned out. The company further stated that TikTok has become an important platform for Indian users who wants to showcase their creativity.

Since its release in the country, TikTok has become immensely popular. India now accounts for almost a quarter of the app's global user base. India is considered to be one of the biggest upcoming markets for large tech firms such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

It currently boasts a population of over 1.3 billion people, with an economy that is also growing rapidly. There are currently more than 500 million Indian people that are online almost every day. However, only 40 percent of the population has access to the internet, which means that there are still around 800 million potential users.

During its short-lived ban from the country, TikTok was reportedly losing around US$500,000 in revenue per day. The app, along with other apps of its kind, is currently facing added scrutiny, mostly due to the apps being used as a platform to spread propaganda and fake information. ByteDance recently had to pay a US$6 million fine in the United States stemming from allegations that it was illegally collecting the personal information of its under-aged users.

To avoid yet another incident in India, the company announced that it would be stepping up its efforts to halt the misuse of its platform in the country. ByteDance mentioned that it would impose enhanced safety mechanisms within its app to protect its younger audience in India. 

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