China’s Investment Tracking Platform For International Audience

China approved a new foreign investment law to reportedly appease American business groups.
China approved a new foreign investment law to reportedly appease American business groups. (Photo: Thomas Depenbusch (Depi)/Flickr)

China's launched the first investment tracking platform for an international audience, the China Investment Trend. The platform will help overseas readers decide on which startups they should invest in by providing them the latest news and information about the companies including the market trend.

In previous years, China is known to follow the innovations from other nations. It is common to hear platforms that developed in China that have too much resemblance to platforms from other nations. Recently, China surpassed expectations as they strived to develop their own unique business models. Nowadays, other developing markets seek insights from China as they develop their own industries.

TechNode has been tracking the tech industry in China since 2007. In its aim to give the world the latest news and information about China tech, they created the China Investment Trends. The platform was made to meet the confusion from overseas readers who want to know more about the companies.

TechNode has been tracking and analyzing the daily investment deals in China's local market. Users of the platform are now capable of checking all investment in China on a daily basis. They will be able to know which companies received investment, by which VC firm, the investment stage, the industry sectors, and more. The firm currently has compiled 670+ companies that have risen to fund in 200+ sectors, 129 Chinese unicorns in the 10 hottest sectors, and 700+ investment deals.

The firm plans to add more features and launch their members-only database that has more tools in the future to help users understand China's startup ecosystem. The foreign direct investment into China increased 4.9 percent year-on-year to $36.19 billion between January to March of this year. The nation's foreign direct investment in March went up 8 percent to 95.17 billion yuan. The average Foreign Direct Investment in the country is $443.83 HML from 1997 until 2019. It reached its record high of $1349.70 HML in December of 2018 and its lowest is at $18.32 HML in January of 2000.

China recently announced that they are planning on reducing restrictions on foreign investment. They also assured that they will address difficulties facing foreign companies investing in the country. The Commerce Minister of China, Zhong Shan, said that they will allow full foreign ownership of companies in more areas of the economy and the plan to reduce the number of industries on which foreign investment was restricted or barred.

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