Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumors: Radical Redesign, Massive Battery For 2019 Release

A man tries out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 9 at its store in Seoul
A man tries out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 9 at its store in Seoul, South Korea January 7, 2019. Picture taken January 7, 2019. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji (Photo: KIM HONG-JI / Reuters)

Samsung raised the bar of excellence with the Galaxy S10 push earlier this 2019 but the South Korean tech giant appears to be holding its punches, presumably to pull off a giant surprise when the Galaxy Note 10 is released later in the year. Expect the second flagship to drop a bomb during unboxing time.

Samsung fans are likely anticipating that the next-generation Galaxy Note is a mere iteration of the S10 and S10 Plus but it seems the device maker from Korea is not planning an ordinary debut date for the original phablet. At the very least, the Note 10 is not using the now familiar template that was employed with the S10 model.

That is according to Forbes, which reported, citing prominent Samsung leaker Ice Universe as the source, that the device will be revealed with a "surprising design change." If the Galaxy S10 editions were criticized for its asymmetrical design, owing to the eye-sore punch hole design, it looks like that such an anomaly will be corrected in time for the Note 10 rollout.

The same report described all the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 models, and there will be four, as "perfectly asymmetrical." The device will make use of an industrial design that is proportional, and if the source of the information is to be believed its current internal name is Da Vinci.

The nickname, no doubt, is proposing that with the Note 10 a radical redesign of Samsung's second 2019 flagship will be implemented. The details on this remain sketchy but it can be deduced that the handset will be totally different from both the Galaxy Note 9 and the S10 models.

For one, Samsung will give a new meaning to its Infinity Display when the Note 10 jumps out of the box. One scenario playing out is that the punch hole that has become the Galaxy S10 signature will either be removed or relocated to the center. The hole will be significantly smaller and likely will be unnoticeable when viewing still and moving images on the phone.

The redesign will be even more pronounced when users opt for the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, which as the name suggests will prove to be the hulk of the line with a screaming display size of 6.75-inch as opposed to the 6.28-inch of the regular edition. There are reports that claim the Note 10 will sell in four different models, in 4G and 5G compatibilities for all screen sizes.

In addition, Samsung is making sure that the Galaxy Note 10 Pro is optimized for productivity and to do that the battery will be upsized to 4,500mAh. This feature upgrade appears to be written in stone, apparently confirmed by Korean authorities on the subject. Another feature step up is the decision to do away with physical control buttons in order to make way for capacitive power keys and volume rocker.

Its predecessor came out on August last year so if Samsung will use the same playbook, the Galaxy Note 10 release date, in all likelihood, is set August 2019.

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