Millennials Are Not Getting Any More Healthier Despite Fitness Activities, Study Says

Women performing yoga on green grass near trees
Women performing yoga on green grass near trees (Photo: Rui Dias/ Pexels)

More and more people are embracing a healthier lifestyle. No matter how much the cost is, people just can't help but invest their money to be able to reach their desired health goals.  But did you know that among all people, those who were born between the year 1981 and 1996, also known as Millennials, are the ones that are most active in that field? TIME reports that this group spent a total of $4.2 trillion for healthy activities such as meditation, yoga, and boutique fitness.

But unfortunately, it seems like their efforts in attending such health fitness activities still aren't enough. A recent report conducted by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association showed how worse their health is as compared to what the Generation X, people who were born between 1965 and 1980, have.

According to Blue Cross' study, though Millennials are in perfectly good health during the start of their study, their health eventually started to decline after the participants reached the age of 27. Experts say, their aging is far worse than the normal aging experienced by people older than them, as posted by Blue Cross Blue Shield: The Health of America.  

One of the things that easily deteriorates among Millenials, as revealed in the study, is their behavioral health or emotional state. Mainly due to the environment, we have nowadays, the rate of people suffering from emotional illnesses such as bipolar, depression, and anxiety have indeed increased these past few years. 

The research revealed how major depression rates have increased among Millennials by 31% from 2014 to 2017. Psychotic conditions, such as schizotypal personality disorder, schizophreniform disorder, and delusional disorder among this population have also increased by 15%. On the other hand, rates of people suffering from substance use disorder have risen by 10%.

Aside from their emotional estate, other health conditions that most Millennials face at present are high blood pressure, Crohn's disease, and hyperactivity. This group is also prone to have high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, and tobacco use disorder.

Furthermore, the report also showed how female Millennials are poorer in health than their male counterparts. Experts are still unable to find the reason why. But one thing is for sure; females are more prone to diseases such as major depression, endocrine conditions, and Type 2 diabetes.

With what the report has revealed, experts are now working together "for the healthcare community to recognize" how important it is to consider the urgency of the information gathered. "The health status of millennials will likely have substantial effects on the American economy over the next two decades- including workplace productivity and healthcare costs," the new report's authors write.

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