Forbes Korea named BLACKPINK as the number 1 "Power Celebrity" of the year. (Photo: BLACKPINKOFFICIAL/Facebook)

Forbes Korea has finally released its list of 2019 Power Celebrity. And quite obviously, BLACKPINK's comeback with DDU DU DDU DU in 2018 paved the way for the all-female quartet to obtain the crown. And as it happens, BLACKPINK was named by Forbes Korea as this year's number 1 Power Celebrity.

Forbes Korea's Power Celebrity is an annual list of all the celebrities in South Korea who gained the most influence in different categories. And in this year's list, these categories focused mainly on media exposure, profits, social media, and activities on the broadcast.

While each celebrity ranks differently in each category, the points in totality across all categories determine the overall rankings for the list. And based on the results, BLACKPINK ranked number 1 above all.

For other K-pop fans, this has become a real surprise considering that the all-female K-pop group has now beaten BTS, TWICE, and Wanna One which are all quite popular K-pop groups as well in recent years. But even so, the numbers remained to be firm which accurately placed them in their respective rankings.

It is worth noting that the group aced only in the social media category. And this is only fitting considering that the group's official social media account on Instagram has over 17.9 million followers. And this makes them as one of the most followed K-pop group in the platform.

Also, each member of BLACKPINK is seen to have a very wide and large following as well in their respective personal social media accounts.

Lisa has over 18.6 million followers on Instagram. And because of this, she has become the most followed K-pop star on the said platform as per E!. Followed by Jennie, who has over 16.1 million followers which places Rosé and Jisoo on the latter. The two have a total of 14.2 million and 13.6 million followers, respectively.

But while BLACKPINK ranked number 1 in the overalls, other celebrities and artists got the top spots for the other categories. For activities in the broadcast, Park Na Rae gets the top spot. And as for media exposure and profits, BTS has the first place in these areas.

With BTS's significant rankings, the popular all-male K-pop group obtained a second place for this year's list. Followed by Wanna One, Red Velvet, and EXO, these groups ranked the third, fifth, and tenth, respectively. As for TWICE, Girl's Generation, and MAMAMOO, these groups are placed in between ranks 21 and 40.