GTA 6 Rumors: Game Map Could Unite All Previous GTA Games and More

(Photo: Grand Theft Auto V/Facebook)

Concrete information about the next Grand Theft Auto game has been very sparse to date. However, rumors and leaks that we have suggest that GTA 6 will have the biggest map to date, combining some of the most famous cities on the franchise under one map.

This leaked information came from a now-deleted post via Pastebin, but Dexerto has the full transcript of the said post. On the original post, it suggested that GTA 6 would cover multiple cities that the player can travel to and from. Liberty City and Vice City were specifically mentioned, and the plan to add newer towns was added towards the end of the leak.

Vice City, the franchise's version of Miami, Florida, has been used for at least two other GTA games, namely GTA III and GTA IV. Liberty City, on the other hand, has been the setting of another GTA game, GTA: Vice City, and is their version of New York City.

As for the 'newer towns', it is speculated that these would be the towns or cities used for GTA San Andreas. Though having new cities altogether is not completely out of the question. Additionally, some missions on GTA 6 may happen in South America, expanding the game's location scope even more.

Story-wise, GTA 6 is toted to have a similar storyline to most entries of the franchise. As reported by Newsweek, the leak stated that GTA 6would begin in Liberty City, where the player will perform small-time tasks until the player joins a gang in the area and start moving between the game's multiple cities. During this time, the player will rise up the ranks until the player becomes the drug lord of the area.

GTA 6 is eyed to release at least before the end of 2020. This is due to the game being built for next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox One 2, with reports even suggesting that Sony is hard-pressing to have the game be a PS5 exclusive for at least a month. An earlier release date for GTA 6 is unlikely, as the current-gen hardware like the PS4 and Xbox One is said too limited for the game's scope and size.

Rockstar Games, developers of GTA 6, is currently enjoying the success of their recent release, Red Dead Redemption II selling at least 23 million copies as of December 2018. Released last October 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, the third entry of the series takes place before the events of the first Red Dead Redemption game. 

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