Airbnb Looking To Hollywood To Promote Travel And Increase Bookings

A woman talks on the phone at the Airbnb office headquarters (Photo: Reuters)

The popular online home rental firm, Airbnb, is reportedly now looking to Hollywood for its next big marketing move. The startup tech firm is apparently aiming to produce a number of original television shows that will entice more customers to travel and explore new places. The company hopes that these types of shows would boost their user base and ultimately their bottom line in the coming years.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Airbnb hopes to distinguish itself from its competitors through this strategy. The travel and home rental and hospitality industry have recently experienced a massive boom, resulting in a slew of new and formidable contenders in the space. Companies such as and Expedia have taken up a good chunk of the market from Airbnb in the past few years, which is why the company is now looking into using unexpected new tactics to get ahead.

Airbnb, which is currently valued at around US$31 billion, is particularly focusing on its marketing efforts given its planned initial public offering in the stock market sometime next year. According to reports, the company's CEO Brian Chesky is particularly interested in the strategy and has expressed his support for the company to launch its own studio. It has to be noted that these claims have not yet been confirmed, but sources are adamant that show business will be a likely move for the company.

The claims that the company may be going into show business does have its merits as Airbnb has previously toyed with the idea of creating content about travel. Previous reports have revealed that Airbnb has plans to create or license documentaries and television shows that focus on travel as a topic.

It reportedly even planned to produce shows that would feature top-notch Airbnb homes. These shows would apparently also feature guests and hosts as part of the program.

As of the moment, Airbnb has been tied to a number of travel-focused productions. The company recently provided funding for a documentary called " Gay Chorus Deep South," which was a show that followed the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus on their tour of the southern United States. The documentary is scheduled to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this month.

Airbnb is reportedly also working with executive producer Joe Poulin on a television show called "Home" for Apple's new streaming service. The show features unique houses and apartments around the world, while also showcasing the people that designed them.

During a recent interview, Airbnb's communications executive, Chris Lehane, revealed that they were pretty much still in the research and development stage of the new strategy. The executive revealed that they are strongly considering entering into the video streaming industry and they could eventually feature their original shows on the company's mobile app.

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