AMD Chief: Sony PlayStation 5 Has A “Special Sauce” In the Works

The Sony Playstation logo is seen at the Paris Games Week (PGW), a trade fair for video games in Paris
The Sony Playstation logo is seen at the Paris Games Week (PGW), a trade fair for video games in Paris, France, October 25, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

Anything with the word "special" will always be, well, special. Whatever it may be, it will have something extra, or an inclusion that's not found in your ordinary, day-to-day offers. Hearing the word will make anyone excited, too; at some point, they know that they will have something that's out of the box.

Sony's next-generation PlayStation comes with a legacy of being one of the top consoles in the market. It's no secret that they are working on the PlayStation 5, but it's not going to be released this year. In fact, a number of sources gave the PS 5 a three-year window, and it seems that Sony is going with that timeline.

It's common knowledge that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible and that it won't be an "all-digital" console, as Game Spot reported. Lead system architect Mark Cerny also said that the PS 5 will have a solid state drive and it should be compatible with the current PSVR. Cerny didn't provide more details, but he claimed that VR "is very important to us."

With that aside, there is another aspect of the PlayStation 5 that is currently in the spotlight. The console's AMD chip, whose CPU is based on a third-gen Ryzen and eight cores of the 7nm Zen 2 chip, will be cherry on top of Sony's gaming machine. On a separate interview, AMD chief Lisa Su bared the company's involvement in building the PlayStation 5, while adding that they are "happy to be a part of it."

"What we have done with Sony is really architect something for their application, for their special sauce," Su told CNBC. She rallied that they are excited about the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and considers gaming as a "good secular growth market" for their company.

It's not hard to imagine that the "special sauce" Su said will make a radical budge to make the PlayStation 5 live up to our expectations. There's the improved graphics, 3D audio and PSVR compatibility to name a few. The PlayStation 5 will be an avenue for Sony to re-imagine platform gaming and AMD's will pillar its future.

AMD is also working with Google' Stadia streaming service and with Microsoft's new console. Game Spot sees this as one of the company's proposed new Xbox that could see an E3 unveiling this year. Su also said that AMD would have a new Ryzen chip this year as well as an "Epyc processor for data centers." 

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