China’s 996 Culture Significant To Economic Development

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Electronics factory in Shenzhen (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

China's 9-9-6 work culture played an important role in its economic development as it catches up with the west. Companies in China use the 9-9-6 routine work and in some cases, they are working for 12 hours per day for seven days.

China accepted the long hours of work and as an effect, it started to surpass the Western nations in some sectors. The routine was used in China because they can' afford to be lazy. In some companies in China's innovation hubs like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, entrepreneurs are stretching their working hours to 10-10-7 or 12-hours every day of the week.

It is customary to think that overworking destroys creativity and an employee needs to take a break and take some amusement to yield a better result. Some believe that in the line "Play hard, work hard". According to experts, a healthy body is more productive. The new generation of Chinese is now paying attention to healthy lifestyles like working out at the gym or eating nutritious foods.

The 9-9-6 culture in China will not disappear due to its motivation for success. The country will continue using the practice because the tech industry is growing too fast, the competition is tight, and the opportunities are too vast in China to take a laid-back approach. The effect of the working hours is seen at the pace of China's on-demand market where consumers order by mobile, pay by mobile and get near-instant deliveries.

The first generation of internet entrepreneurs that includes Robin Li of Baidu, Jack Ma of Alibaba and Pony Ma of Tencent are considered heroes in China's entrepreneurial sector. Jack Ma uses the 996 work hours in his company. The three leader acts as an inspiration to the emerging business leaders who hope to become billionaires.

China's tech economy can now compete with Silicon Valley due to the commitment of the Chinese people to their work. China caught up with Silicon Valley in terms of venture capital, unicorns, IPOs, business models, and innovation in many sectors.

It is expected that China will continue to present the latest innovations to the world because of the support of the Chinese government and because there are fewer data privacy issues. China also has entrepreneurial vigor which is essential to its economic development. China is working hard to achieve its goal of leading the world in terms of tech innovations. The determination of the country is shown in the acceptance of its working class of the 996 routines.

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