'GTA 6' Mystery Unfolds: Leaked Details Tease Exciting Rockstar Game Title

Where will the "GTA 6" era setting be?
Where will the "GTA 6" era setting be? (Photo: Instagram/Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games, without saying anything official, has been generating excitement for its rumored gaming title - the Grand Theft Auto VI or GTA 6. The most recent rumors are strongly proposing that the game maker will deliver the next GTA installment wrapped around on elements loved by fans before and new things to spice up the whole gaming experience.

If Liberty City and Vice City sound familiar, that's because they were the exact maps that GTA gamers have navigated on before. It only makes sense that these same locations will still be part of the upcoming chapter. This happening was based on the leaked information that recently found its way on Pastebin, though later deleted.

The chatter on the matter suggests Rockstar had a hand on the rumor suppression, which only stoke further speculations on the subject.

As the rumor said, the new GTA title "is going to feature multiple big cities which players can travel across." A player will start out from scratch, down from a foot soldier in Liberty that is obsessed to crawl his way to the top.

The chief player in the food chain is the drug lord that is head-quartered in Vice City. To reach this level, one has to do all sort of dirty works and get the attention of major crime groups to get a crack at becoming the big boss, the leaked details had indicated.

Again, Rockstar is guarding the specifications surrounding the GTA 6 with utmost secrecy so there is no way to confirm the veracity of the leaked information. Yet even with no word from the company, the speculations continue to swirl.

While GTA fans applauded the likelihood of moving around on familiar grounds - the Vice City that was last explored in 2006 and the Liberty City that was featured via the GTA 4 - with GTA 6, it's proving to be a bummer that the title when released would be lacking backward compatibility. That reads no joy for old-gen and current game console owners, potentially even PS4 and Xbox One gamers will be left out.

Even more of a letdown is the likelihood that Sony has convinced Rockstar to make the GTA 6 not only exclusive for the PlayStation platform but also for the rumored sequel to the PS4. Preposterous it may sound but some quarters are whispering that hotly anticipated title is designed for use by would-be buyers of the rumored PS5.

The good thing is, nothing is set on stone as far as the GTA 6 is concerned. If anything, Rockstar has seen success so far in stopping the outflow of juicy information about the game title. Hence to date, the GTA 6 actual game features, enhancements from the previous versions and release date details remain mostly speculative.

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