Windows 10 19H1 Version 1903: Now Is Perfect Time To Upgrade, And Here’s Why

The Microsoft sign is shown on top of the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California
The Microsoft sign is shown on top of the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California, U.S. October 19,2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Once again, Windows 10 is primed for another feature upgrade, one that is scheduled to roll out this May 2019, and in which users will jump from version 1809 to 1903. Of note, what is set to deploy comes at no cost to users yet convincing many of them to finally make the jump remains a struggle for Microsoft.

And understandably so, according to Forbes, indicating in a report that there are still reported issues that plague the operating system such as post-installation performance impact and episodes of systems suddenly suffering a freeze. It was prudent then for many to delay the decision to upgrade and wait out for the glitches to get resolved first by Microsoft engineers.

These holdouts constitute a significant slice of the total Windows population, and per the same report, nearly four out of 10 users have elected to keep their machines running on Windows 7. As a result, Microsoft reported that as of April 2019 Windows 10 only holds over 44 percent of the overall OS market. Given that Windows 10 had been released some four years ago, the deployment pace is certainly on a crawl.

However, the Redmond-based software giant is taking solid steps to accelerate the spread of its flagship OS. One obvious target for the company is the users still stuck, and a big chunk of them by choice, on Windows 7. By January 2020, technical support for the aging OS will expire and security updates will only extend for another year for enterprise users willing to pay up $200.

The fee applies for each PC so it was clear Microsoft's scheme is making it hard and even expensive for users to keep playing with Windows 7. To be sure, they are being directed to the better option and join the expanding world of Windows 10, which by the way is still a free ride for Windows 7 users who know the workaround.

In addition to the possibility of getting Windows 10 without shelling out cash, its maker has made a proposition designed to make the OS tempting for users. When version 1903 starts seeding, it will include a "Download and Install Now" option, SlashGear reported.

The feature will be packed with the upcoming update in adherence to Microsoft's commitment that "no longer are updates forced immediately as soon as they are available," the report added.

Now letting people take greater control of the OS and bundling it with a web browser that is based on the Google Chrome architecture are but some of the feature upgrades that Microsoft has confirmed for Windows 10. The idea is to make the OS a near-total package, a compelling choice for users to at last leave the past behind.

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