High-Risk, High-Yield Cities For Investors Named By Property Firm

Investors actively looking for high-risk properties have a list of cities to choose from, according to CNBC. A few cities have been cited by global real estate advisor Savills to be the best properties to choose from. Among these cities are ones from China, India, and the Middle East, with these cities being listed as definitely 'emerging.'

The citation came from data collected in Savills' 'Resilient Cities Index' report, where the attraction came from the 'relatively untapped' nature of the said places. These were the most likely ones to have some semblance of economic growth, too, despite the global disruption expected to happen in the coming years--most of which appear to be happening right now.

The research was aimed towards global hubs designated to be the most resilient, or able to withstand any new developments whether demographic, political, or technological. The report listed cities such as Shanghai--currently in 11th place--which is expected to rise to 5th. London and Paris, meanwhile, were the only European hubs to have made it within the top 20 of the list.

The top ten of the list has six cities from the US. New York (first), Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco made it all on the list. Paris is there, as well as Tokyo (second) and London (third). Singapore (ninth) made it on the list, as well, rounding out the cities with the highest yield.

The US, however, has a lot of other cities available for investors with an appetite for high-risk, high-yield cities. According to Forbes, these cities look into the 'long stretches' that high-flying markets stay in appreciation, rising beyond the peak of regular pricing. Data had shown that some markets had actually slowed down with more volatility and, therefore, more than the acceptable share of risk.

The US list has Indianapolis at the top spot; Cincinnati is second, followed by Kansas, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Columbus, Atlanta, San Antonio, Austin, and Cleveland. Three of the cities are from Texas, while three also form Ohio, with the other states having one city a-piece belonging to the list.

The Savills report continued to predict events happening with the decade, with Chinese cities deservingly getting an expected 43 positions. US and European cities, however, are given due time to catch up, as none of their other cities--other than the ones who already made it on the list--were given the designation of being a 'challenger city.'

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