Let’s talk about "iZombie" season 5 release schedules on Netflix and we'll also discuss what to expect in the final installment. (Photo: iZombie/Facebook)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for iZombie season 5. Read at your own risk.

The CW released iZombie season 5 on Thursday, May 2, and it was previously announced this will be the final installment for the horror-comedy series. But while the show returned on the mentioned network, its arrival on Netflix depends on where you live. So, let's talk about iZombie season 5 release schedules on the streaming giant and we'll also discuss what to expect in the final installment.

Netflix carries iZombie for several years in multiple regions and viewers in the United States will reportedly be covered by the CW Netflix contract. This contract has been in place for three years which brings new programs on the streaming platform a week after it finished airing, and that will continue with the current lineup this 2019.

Netflix gets the new CW shows about a week after the season finale airs. iZombie season 5 premiered in May 2019 and will due to wrap by the end of July 2019, so the series will likely be available by early August 2019.

As for the Netflix release schedules of iZombie season 5 in the United Kingdom and Canada, these regions get weekly episodes just like other CW shows like Jane The Virgin and Riverdale. The new episodes of the show air on Thursdays, and then it will be available to watch on the streaming service on Friday.

But then, if you can't wait for the new episodes on Netflix, the best way to stream the show is through The CW seed app. iZombie is a loose adaptation of the comic book series of the same name by Michael Allred and Chris Roberson.

Meanwhile, in some recent reports, the fifth season will reportedly pick up from season 4, wherein the zombies' existence has been revealed to the world and Liv becomes the leader of the movement, the Renegade.

In an interview with TVLine, iZombie co-creator Rob Thomas revealed that the fifth and final installment will "resolve" all the show's loose ends. He said they'll be giving some sort of answer regarding the fate of zombie kind. So, fans need to wait whether the zombies will survive or not in this final season.

And while Thomas said that he does not know what that answer will be, he made sure that it will not do the "Sopranos ending." Furthermore, he warned viewers that there would be "some major deaths" in iZombie season 5, noting that fans should brace themselves.