Apple 2019: New Home-Grown Apps, Software to Launch at WWDC

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook speaks at the Apple Worldwide Developer conference (WWDC) in San Jose
Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook speaks at the Apple Worldwide Developer conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, U.S., June 4, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage)

More Apples! Apple is set to redefine 2019 with a slew of breakthrough apps, features, and development tools that will upgrade everyone's favorite iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

The company will introduce updates to the operating systems that run all Apple gadgets during the Worldwide Developers Conference slated to open on June 3. Apple remains steadfast in leveling-up its gadgets to make lives and businesses better.

New features for Messages, Reminders, and Maps promise to enhance the experience. New apps especially suited for Apple Watch will make it standalone. It will be an awesome futuristic watch that has a life outside of iPhone.

Increasing health consciousness among Apple users has encouraged developers to revamp health tracking capabilities, reports The Verge. The new updates serve as key to the latest services such as Apple Music and the upcoming TV+ video-streaming subscription, which will earn Apple a recurring revenue stream.

Entering the consumer technology market with iPhone in 2007, Apple has been a ruthless frontliner, ensuring life-changing updates in iOs yearly. While the constant challenge to innovate may be taxing towards Apple Engineers, the company has been impressive year after year.

Apple often credit its homegrown software for working so well--making their products distinct and highly capable over competitors. However, Apple has been growing flak in 2018 for being "too exclusive." Apps and technologies developed in another platform rarely works in Apple devices.

This year, the Silicon Valley giant will continue to walk a fine line between engaging external app creators while competing against them. It's tricky game. Outside app creators have a role to play in enhancing Apple's user experience. Apple provides new tools for them but is also increasingly developing their own versions of popular apps.

Ofcourse, Apple Apps integrate better with iOs, thus upsetting third-party developers. Spotify has complained to European antitrust regulators that App Store and iOs have given Apple Music preferential treatment. U.S. presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren toys with the idea of separating the App Store from the rest of Apple, few policymakers have taken the idea seriously, reports Bloomberg.

"Developers, from first-time engineers to larger companies, can rest assured that everyone is playing by the same set of rules," Apple said in a statement refuting Spotify's complaint. "That's how it should be. We want more app businesses to thrive -- including the ones that compete with some aspect of our business, because they drive us to be better."

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