McDonald's Is Now Testing Its New Meatless Burgers In Germany

McDonald's Vegan Burger
The logo of a McDonald's Corp restaurant is seen in Los Angeles (Photo: Reuters)

Ever at the forefront of new food technologies, McDonald's, the world's largest restaurant chain by revenue, is now once again getting into the health hype with the adoption of the new plant-based meat substitute trend. The company announced that it will be introducing its brand new meatless burgers in one of its biggest international markets, Germany.

McDonald's new product, called the Big Vegan TS, is now being tested in Germany, one of its five leading international markets. Supplying its new plant-based imitation meat is Nestle, one of the leading developers of the new food technology. The meatless patties have been selling in Germany since late last month and McDonald's is now studying its performance in the European market.

As the entire world adopts a healthier lifestyle with more people now aware of the world's environmental plight, more and more firms are now looking into different ways to profit from the new trend. The development of plant-based meat, which initially came into public view with the introduction of the veggie burger, has come a long way. The new protein-based products have been engineered to look and taste like real meat.

The imitation meat products have so far passed even the most discerning of taste buds, with some products now becoming indistinguishable from the real thing. The trend has become so popular that Wall Street has now seen the first publicly-listed plant-based meat producer through Beyond Meat's recent IPO.   

The new plant-based meat substitute industry has experienced a massive boom with supermarkets and restaurants now offering the products. Due to its taste and its health appeal, both meat eaters and vegans are now buying the products in record numbers. Major restaurants and fast-food chains are now slowly adapting to the new technology, with most now offering meatless menu items.

Burger King was one of the first restaurant chains that offered the new plant-based products through its signature Whopper. After a successful test run, the firm announced plans to roll out the meatless sandwiches across its branches in the United States. Several other firms followed suit, including popular restaurants such as White Caste and Bareburger.

Prior to its adoption of the new plant-based meats, McDonald's has been trying to change its reputation as an unhealthy place to eat. In 2017, the company launched its new McVegan burger in Finland and Sweden. The patties used soy-based proteins to imitate the taste of meat.

McDonald's has yet to announce if it would be bringing its new meatless burgers to the United States. There is currently a big demand for the company to release additional vegan options in the country, as evident in a recently published petition on The petition, which asks McDonald's to bring more plant-based menu items to the United States, has already accumulated more than 200,000 signatures.

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