Lee Min Ho
A close pal of Lee Min Ho teased that the actor is already preparing for his next project. (Photo: actorleeminho/Instagram)

Many fans were pleased when Lee Min Ho was, finally, discharged from his enlistment last month after two years of mandatory service in the military. Following his release, avid followers of the 31-year-old South Korean superstar have been clamoring about his upcoming new project. The City Hunter actor's talent agency revealed that he reviewed a lot of offers right after the discharge.

Recently, it was revealed that Lee Min Ho chose to star in the imminent fantasy drama series titled The King: The Eternal Monarch. This, according to reports, is going to be the actor's reunion project with star scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook, who also wrote Min Ho's previous drama show called The Heirs. Eun Sook was, also, the brain behind other hit series such as Descendants of the Sun, which starred Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, Mr. Sunshine, and Guardian.

While waiting for his forthcoming new show, Lee Min Ho is quite busy enjoying his return to the outside world after his two-year work as a public service officer. As a matter of fact, the former lover of Suzy Bae has been posting photos of him outdoors. Min Ho even posted a clip of him after riding a mountain bike. "Is this a trip or training," he wrote in the caption of one of his latest snaps.

In a recent interview, Lee Min Ho's close pal Jung Il Woo stated that he advised the actor to improve his endurance for the next project and said he hopes that The Heirs actor's return would be a successful one. He even said that Min Ho asked him how he improved his skills in acting.

"Min Ho is probably selecting his next project now, and I want to tell him to build his stamina. To me, he's a friend like no other, so I hope he makes his return successfully. He also watches and monitors my projects," Jung Il Woo revealed when asked about Lee Min Ho's military discharge. "This time, he told me, 'What did you do to make your acting even better?' As a friend, I want him to return with a nice project since many fans are waiting for him," he added.

This may explain why Lee Min Ho is, currently, spending most of his time outside to improve his strength as a preparation for his new project. Moreover, it would come as no surprise if Suzy Bae's former flame would undergo an acting workshop to improve and hone his acting skills.

Previous reports hinted that the cast and crew of The King: The Eternal Monarch would start filming later this year. Min Ho's series is scheduled to premiere in early 2020. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Lee Min Ho.